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salmon roe sushi
My last Japanese meal on Tuesday. Have to wait till April to enjoy again.

Last night, I had the weirdest dream. My body is only denied meat for a day and I started hallucinating. I dreamt I got a piece of meat in my mouth and I pthooi it out and it flew to the other end of the hall. Then, fast forward to another scene, I was in Ipoh.

My last Western meal. Have to wait till April to enjoy bloodied steak and gamey lamb.

I remember clearly that there is a Bangunan Darul Ridzuan or something in Ipoh. When I was in Form Three, my second sis got married in Ipoh and my cousin and I actually stopped outside that building and took a photo. (I have the photo somewhere but too lazy to dig out)

My home cooked lunch on Wednesday. Veg. pandan chicken, glass noodles, sawi, egg and rice. Lacto-ovo vegetarians are people who eat eggs and dairy products but not meat and seafoods.

So, I was standing outside that building and guess who came by? MB Nizar and Edu Minister Hishamuddin. MB Nizar was so nice and he chatted with me. I cannot recall what I said to him but I know I was talking in BM. Doh….Hishamuddin pulak was like his assistant.

My lunch on Thursday (today). Celery, carrots, lotus root, corn and white rice. Bwahhhhh………Mommy, I want cow!

Now, I had listened very attentively during my Pyschospirituality course by Fr. Huan and he told us that sometimes, our dreams are signs of some deprivation in our life or some dark, inner secrets that we have buried too deep and we cannot remember them during our waking times.

I steamed some eight treasure chicken wrapped in lotus leaf and steamed. And I only get to eat the mushrooms. Bwaaaaaa….Mommy, I want chicken.

Dreaming of the meat, I can understand lah. But dreaming of MB Nizar? Now, that is very weird. Why would I want to dream of MB Nizar? Maybe I can foretell the future? Hishamuddin will jump ship to PR and MB Nizar becomes the PM? Correct or not?

Anyway…to those who just read my blog, you may wonder what’s the fuss about vegetarian foods. Actually, I self-torture myself every year by going lacto-ovo vegetarians for fourty days. It is always a struggle during the first few days because the tendency of putting foods into my mouth is second nature. Since I cook for the family, I will taste foods while cooking. I just put a piece of ham which I dropped onto the kitchen top and oops, wrong hole! You get what I meant?

Last night, Father Fabian’s homily on Ash Wednesday has been most inspiring. When he was going on, suddenly a thought came to my mind. My faith is like spin, rinse and repeat cycle. I will not elaborate further….

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  1. Meat, meat…..wah your western really got me drooling! Luckily I roasted chicken for dinner tonight, otherwise beh tahan!

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