Birthday cake

Big brother baked this for the teachers. The real birthday is tomorrow.


Mom wrote the MATTHEW word while big brother #1 wrote the Happy Birthday. Big brother #2 said (to #1) “Man….your mom doesn’t know how to spell her son’s name. He has become May Yhew.”

Big brother said, “You see lah, later your brother (Matthew) get traumatised and forever has a fear of birthday cakes because people laughed at his name when he was six.”

Mom said, “Eh, shaddap ha, if not later you go and bake another cake baru tau.”


These are Mini M&M cupcakes. Mom used muffin paper cups to bake (thinking it is easier for kids to handle) but she realised each cupcake is too big for a six years old. She doesn’t want them puking in class due to overeating. So, she had to cut one cupcake into two and put in new cupcakes paper cup.

She said, “Don’t care lah….six years old only care about frosting on the cake.” BTW, the icing on top is made with non-dairy cream (can be bought only from baking shop) and not butter icing. Just in case people thinks mom is trying to create an obese generation.

Meanwhile, mom has ordered a huge 1.5kg lychee and longan cake from the bakery. I (Matthew lah) brought my gingerbread man toy to the bakery and told the uncle from Jenni Homemade Cakes I want a huge gingerbread man decoration. The auntie wanted to borrow the gingerbread man for a night so that they can copy the design. I said, “CANNOT, no one can have my gingerbread man!” So, auntie at the bakery shop use technology. She took a photo with her handphone. Thank God for technology.

The birthday is tomorrow but today is the last day of school, so mom let me celebrate first.

6 thoughts on “Birthday cake

  1. lingzie – Yalor, better keep it small and if they want more, take two rather than they force themselves to finish (cos in school mah, so afraid teacher scold) and later puke. Kids have different appetite, some cannot eat much.

    Jenni’s chief baker, the guy with moustache is really patient with kids. He will painstakingly draw and design using piping jelly. Last time, he made a Dragon Ball one for my other son. And Jenni is a lot cheaper than Ritz, though quality not as nice. Since we want the design and not the taste, ok lor. Only RM66 all inclusive for a 1.5kg. Ritz charges separately and my #2 son cake costs almost RM200 for 2 kg.

  2. Lilian, Happy Birthday to Matthew. Time flies very fast & our kids are growing up. I can still remember how small my 1st born Hanafi & recently celebrated his 5th Birthday.

  3. Happy Birthday Matt. Matt & my son, Delwin birthday is on the same month. Same age lagi. I also made some cupcakes for his school friends. Easier like you say, no need to cut.

  4. Happy Birthday, Matthew!
    Sheng Ri Kuai Le!
    Sang Yat Fai Lok!

    Yea, Jenni’s handmade cakes are not bad. I can never forget the football field cake my friends got me last year, got players and goal posts somemore. LoL…

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