The Star – No journalism ethics

Datuk Wong Chun Wai said :

Umno Youth has every right to be angry with Karpal Singh’s claim that two live bullets were sent to him by the movement. As a seasoned lawyer, he should know better. He must produce evidence. You don’t have to be a first year law student to know that. He also has to watched his offensive language.


And I wish to tell Datuk Wong Chun Wai, “You don’t have to be a first year journalism student to know that it is unethical to twist the news.

The issue is : A bunch of rowdy 22 UMNO Youths who are abled bodied, confronted an old politician in his wheelchair and the security guards didn’t intervene.


But your piece of crap of a newspaper has made a front page news of security personnels restraining Gobind Singh. Dey, apa kena mengena Gobind Singh with Karpal Singh? We know he is the son, and a filial one. He has every right to be angry. But that’s not the story.


It is NOT about how Gobind Singh feel. We are not interested to know about his Face of Fury. What’s your journalist doing ah? Too much Bruce Lee’s Fist of Fury movie, issit?

This is what I get from Malaysiakini :

During the ensuing drama, DAP MP for Segambut Lim Lip Eng claimed that he was assaulted as he tried to help Karpal escape the pushing and shoving which broke out at one of the entrances to Parliament.

According to Lim, he was hit a number of times on the face and his body.

Among the mob leaders were Serdang Umno Youth chief Ungku Salleh Ungku Jamal, Gombak Youth chief Megat Zulkarnain Omar Din and Petaling Jaya Utara Youth chief Lat Sharizan Abdullah.

The opposition parliamentarians also complained that security personnel did not intervene until they made noise.

Below is screenshot of the photos available on Malaysiakini site.

Picture 1.png

Shame on you, The Star. Your paper is not doing any service to the country. Close it down, please.

18 thoughts on “The Star – No journalism ethics

  1. In this episode, 3 parties are to be blamed. Karpal for making a statement which he will now need to provide evidence (i.e. UMNO Youth sent the bullets), UMNO Youth for not displaying intelligence and maturity in dealing with an alleged accusatory remark and The Star for not reporting fairly on what actually happened. Nobody is innocent in this episode.

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  2. Wong Chun Wai you should be Wong Choon Toi.

    Please publish the photos of those cowards attacking a disabled man so that we can buy star newspaper thus increasinng your sales.

    That would help us lodge Police Reports even though we know the Police will do nothing.

  3. pablo – LOL, Karpal is like taking a galah to kacau the sarang tebuan.

    Banker – The Star should know that putting that kind of photo is totally misleading the public. Who knows, some of those emotional and dramatic people may even see it as a racist matters. We never know what kind of thoughts they harbour, right?

  4. Sometimes he should know when to talk, what to talk and when to keep his mouth shut. He is a good lawyer and man of principles, no doubt. I admire him for that. But i cringe when he gets carried away.

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  5. Lilian, you are spot on. Your analysis of the situation is better than The Star.

    Keep up the good work !

  6. LOL in case you do not know… It is actually one of the DAP’s tactics in house of parliament…

    In Parliament… you can anyhow allege or luan luan shoot people without being sued because Members of parliament enjoys privilleges to say whatever they like…

    and Karpal Singh, and people like LKS are using this privillege to induce attentions in the house… This tactic is extremely relevant when those days Oppositions are about 10~20% of the house… 😉

  7. Ya lor, this morning when I saw THE STAR front page, I also feel that it was bias reporting.. Apa pasal put that picture?

    As for UMNO, aiyah.. siapa yang makan cili, dia yang merasa pedasnya! So, if didnt do, why so HENG!? Aiyoo… some more now, scratch own face, show true colors.. DAMN STUPID!

  8. I’m teaching my 68 yr old father to use the internet so that he can read malaysia kini, instead of the STAR.

  9. My family had stopped buying the Star but instead read the Sun. As for the Moon,have to wait for the Blue Moon.

  10. That is why till today, 2 years already I have stopped buying the Star, infact all the MSM papers I have stopped buying cause they report “shit” and I am not going to use my money to buy “shit”. I might grabbed a copy that is lying around the sofa of my clients office or the local kopitiam and go thru the cartoons or sports lah, but I am totally disgusted by their reports on local news.
    I better go to sites like 5xmom, MK, MT, MI, Anil etc etc for local happenings, they got more “juicy” and “hot off the oven” news.

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  11. The Star is just trying to shift readers’ attention so that the readers will think that the Singh family is the bad guys. UMNO Youth is the real villain and they seem to be immune to legal actions. I don’t know ah, if our kids is reading the news, they will think that sending bullet letters is right if they belong to the “correct” side?

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  12. RATS reporting darn sickening …
    Seems like bias like hell and also why no arrest on those Goons … oooooh they got UMNO immunity … ISA those goons !

  13. UMNO ‘erections’ coming soon mah, so must buat heboh so that ppl will not forget their ‘sacrifices’ to uphold their maruah. More sandiwara to be played as the ‘erections’ loom near. They should get some ‘viagra’ from CSL else their ‘erections’ campaign fizzles out and lose its steam…

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  14. aiya i never really believed the star in their news report regarding anything politic-related. if a demonstration consist of 30 000 ppl, it will end up b 5000 in the news.

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