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Six years old

It is always best to be the youngest in the family because….

gingerbread man birthday cake

…….you get to order any type of birthday cake, including a special hand drawn, gingerbread man cake made exactly to order. Thank you to the uncle from Jenni Homemade Cake in Pulau Tikus!


…..your mommy has plenty of time to make red eggs in the right red tone, call Fortuna Red food dye for you. The pink rosy cheeks are original healthy, pink rosy cheeks, ok? Not coloured by artificial food dyes, ok?


….you get the excuse to demand dinner at any place you want. Yesterday night dinner was at Isaribi Tei, a Japanese restaurant in Jalan Chow Thye which is just next to Jempu Tree.

roasted oysters

Tonight’s dinner is at Strada, a Western food restaurant at Jalan Burma, opposite Tan Mark Pulau Tikus.


…you get to blow candles twice because yesterday was with kindie’s friends and tonight is with big brother’s friends at Raffi, which is opposite Strada. (because big brother’s friends were there mamak-king so it is a good way to get rid of the too big size gingerbread man)


Six years old is big boy already lor.

13 Responses to “Six years old”


  2. Happy birthday, Matt! You’ve great mommy!

  3. Happy B’day Matthew!!

    Eh, I noticed the cake misspelled your name… But that’s a nice Gingee cake.. I want one too.

  4. Happy Birthday Matthew! Hope you enjoyed ur Gingee Birthday cake! 😀

  5. Angie – Your eyes are sharp. They did missed a ‘T’. Matthew wrote his name correctly in the order sheet but they probably missed it. They asked him to spell his name and write it on the order form, you see.

    Thanks to the rest for the wishes. I get him to read the comments, when he wakes up, ok?

  6. Happy Birthday again! 😀

    The 4 little gift boxes on the cake can eat wan boh? Hehe…

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  7. That’s one heck of a “C-O-O-L” white t-shirt that your son is wearing…….. who is he gonna blow up ?

  8. Happy Birthday Matthew !!

    I only realized that I was too poor in Pet Society to buy him anything x_x

    flikteoh´s last blog post..Easy 3 Steps for Lazy Cooking

  9. oh and it seems that alot of penangite like to buy cakes from Jenni cakehouse whenever there are any birthday or events. Is the gingerbread man tasty? 😛

    flikteoh´s last blog post..Easy 3 Steps for Lazy Cooking

  10. Happy Birthday Matthew…

  11. happy belated birthday matthew!! i was actually waiting for this post cos wanted to see how the gingerbread man cake turned out. it looks great!! (except for that minor boo boo on the name)
    how was the food at strada?

    lingzie´s last blog post..Johnny’s Nasi Lemak – A Truly Unique Treat!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday Matthew 🙂

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