I have done it!

I finally completed my two months course on Citizen Journalism! It feels good to learn so much from the sifus like Maran of Malaysiakini, Anil Netto and Mr. Teoh the pro videographer. Beside that, we also had the chance to meet Prof. Mustafa, Sean and Sufian. The things I learned are invaluable because some of these dedicated people had spend two full weekends each to teach us many things like video filming, script writing, video editing, journalism ethics and many other things.

After 8 weekends, 8 hours each time, I am now much more aware of the finer points on how to make documentaries, reporting news and filming.

So, yeah! I can now claim my weekends back. It is not easy to endure eight long hours of intensive learning, training and hands-on work but I did it! Congratulations to myself.

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