Somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday….

Yesterday evening, my course lasted till 6 pm. By then, I was totally zonked out because I woke up at 6 am. The course was part of our exam and hence, the extra pressure to make sure that I have applied what I had learnt in the past two months were put into good use.

Using a totally new professional video editing software is also not an easy task but thanks to our very patient ‘Teacher Maran’ from Malaysiakini, all of us managed to produce a decent 1 minute video.

Before I even have a chance to get home, we headed for dinner first. So, after I reached home, my boy wanted me to run through the words for his spelling test this morning.

He has difficulties remembering Tuesday and Thursday. That boy insisted to practise and practise and practise till he knows. Around 9 pm + I was getting really sleepy. Lucky that I took out my contact lenses (but I didn’t brush my teeth!) because I konked out before 10 pm. I told him, “Darling, cannot already, mommy K.O. already, you go find papa and ask him to go through with you. Aiyar, never mind lah, don’t bother. If you cannot spell Thursday and Tuesday, never mind one…..It’s ok one. Last time, mommy only know how to spell Tuesday and Thursday when I was 10 years old.”

Anyway….after another post, I won’t be posting a new post on top. If I have anything to post, it will be above this post but below *another*. You geddit?

After two weeks routine of dropping and fetching kids, I am so glad I didn’t become bedridden with flu bugs. Sore throat is still there, thick, green phlegm is still there but I have willed my body not to get fever or bone aches or anything that made me feel sick. See how marvellous moms are? We can turn off our own needs (including falling sick) to deal with what matters most.

Lucky that these three days my eldest son doesn’t have classes because exam is at the end of the week. Meanwhile, my two other sons in secondary school also do not have any extra co-co activities due to exam week. The #3 son in Form One is now able to take a Rapid Penang home after school so I don’t need to fetch them from school.

That is not to say that it was a breeze. Last Friday, the bugger stayed back after school but he didn’t think of calling me. So, his #2 brother came back alone by bus after waiting for the ‘missing brother’ for sometime. Being a Friday, they finished at 12.30 pm. The previous week, after I picked my little boy, I rushed to pick them. Little boy gets dizzy if he takes a car ride for too long. He vomitted and all that. So, I told the two middle kids to take a bus home so that I don’t need to drive a pukey kid brother to fetch them.

Then, by 2 pm, the #3 clown is still not home. My initial thought is he probably had fallen asleep and the bus has overshot to Air Itam. So, I waited for his phone call. My #1 son had driven the car out to college by then so there is nothing I can do but sit and wait.

Almost 4 pm, still not sign of him. Niamah….I was in between rage and worries. So, I buzzed my #1 son and asked if he can cut his class and return home so that both of us can go and search for the missing boy.

#1 son got home and both of us drove out. My dear hubby who has a more sensible head told me that #3 son could still be in school. I asked hubby if we should head out to Air Itam (the last point of the bus stop) or which direction. Hubby said, “Go to school first, then 7-11 in Chulia Street. He could be lingering at 7-11 for all you know.”

And that monkey really was in school! He was sitting cooly in the garden with his scout members. They were constructing some bamboo gate. Blardy hell, of course I was very angry. I had told him several times to keep spare changes in his pocket in case he needs to make a phone call. He told me he didn’t call because he has no spare coins.

When he got home (by bus) later, I exaggerated how many hours his #2 brother has to wait for him at the bus stop but he never turned up. How his #1 brother has to sacrifice his class to drive out to look for him. And how both of us had to drive around town, to the police station and hospital to search for him. And if he ever do that again, I will send him to the Salvation Army home for the (homeless) boys. Hahaha.

Lesson learned : You cannot use the same method to deal with different kids. Their characters are so different, you can go mad if you expect one kid to be the same as another one.

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  1. I had my fair share of what you described as “between rage and worries” situation when my young ‘big men’ don’t call home like ET does! My rule is that, when they are not in the right planet where they are supposed to be (school or college),the captain in mother ship here needs to be informed.

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..I love sleeping naked!

  2. kadusmama – Haiyor, that boy! The next day, he stopped by 7-11 for a Slurpee and the brother came back 40 minutes earlier than him again.

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