I know, I know, I shouldn’t be posting. But this video is just too revealing not to feature. I got the link from Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

Someone actually video the whole fiasco of Karpal Singh versus 20 able-bodied, foul-mouth, big bullies from UMNO. Mind you, they are defending the King. Watch their patriotic pledge. It is just sooooo delusional, you know?

I admire the MP from DAP, Lim Lip Eng who get pushed around by the big burly guys but he didn’t punch them in the face. Anyone less cool will give those buggers a big punch. And MP Fong Po Kuan gets my respect for jumping into the middle of the mob, with skirt and all. Tabik. These are the kind of people who may defend others with their blood eventhough they don’t need to boast about it.

Not like those goons who stood there, spelling their names, basking in their 5-minute fame and tell the world they will defend (whatever) till the last drop of their blood. Shame on you, UMNO Youths. I heard all the foul words at the background. And you guys get irked over a celaka word?