The Celaka Video

I know, I know, I shouldn’t be posting. But this video is just too revealing not to feature. I got the link from Lim Kit Siang’s blog.

Someone actually video the whole fiasco of Karpal Singh versus 20 able-bodied, foul-mouth, big bullies from UMNO. Mind you, they are defending the King. Watch their patriotic pledge. It is just sooooo delusional, you know?

I admire the MP from DAP, Lim Lip Eng who get pushed around by the big burly guys but he didn’t punch them in the face. Anyone less cool will give those buggers a big punch. And MP Fong Po Kuan gets my respect for jumping into the middle of the mob, with skirt and all. Tabik. These are the kind of people who may defend others with their blood eventhough they don’t need to boast about it.

Not like those goons who stood there, spelling their names, basking in their 5-minute fame and tell the world they will defend (whatever) till the last drop of their blood. Shame on you, UMNO Youths. I heard all the foul words at the background. And you guys get irked over a celaka word?

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  1. Comment O? Yes I know you don’t want to publish the reactions of your readers, Lilian, and rightly so. What wisdom. If you ask me, I dunno what to say… I am so disturbed. But let the truth be known to all of us Malaysians. They are truly bullies and hooligans (sorry for using this word)

  2. mom, karpal shud b a judge 4 his mou-tak-king attitude when it comes to law/principle!

  3. aiyah… what’s the big deal. you all so easily act up for what…

    remember… the nasi lemak still very tasty. the char kuey teow still the best in the world. mamak store aplenty at night, no where else you can find in the world.

    so… no big deal lah.

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  4. actually, if you remove those suits they are wearing, those samseng looked just like monkeys! making lots of loud noise.
    I dont know, does any of you see those samseng as heros? you do not do ‘malu’ things like tht, if u want to dabate, debate in open forum lah.
    ‘big sighs……..’ malaysia boleh? my foot !

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  5. When I was watching that video, suddenly so much words crossed my mind.

    No offence or whatsoever to UMNO, when one of them mentioned about

    Kami semua cakap baik. Menghormati blah blah..

    I was like wtf. What about the cases they made inside the Parliment? The bocor case??Some other cases they did not respect the opposition party at all. Worst of all, they forced and bullied Karpal Singh in front of the Parliment when he already mentioned he did not want to say anything bad in front of the Parliment.

    Kononnya menghormati don’t know what what la..tipu one..suddenly so semangat..why never see them so semangat off the TV?? Want publicity only..

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  6. sue me – Exactly, the hypocrisy is just soooooo mencucuk mata. That’s why I have to post it. Betul betul cakap tak serupa bikin. I wonder if they watch their own video and cringe or not hor?

  7. humiliating themselves to everyone. Making them a joke over and over again. How can such things happen in parliament.if they are not from UMNO, they wont be home right now, but in a 4 X 4 cell..

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