I have just followed the blog Razaleigh.com. I remember Tengku Razaleigh vaguely from the Semangat 46 era. Back then, I was probably in my 20s and early 30s and Chinese like me, did not really care about UMNO, it’s spilt or disunity because those things don’t affect us.

Moreover, during Tun M’s dynasty, his word is god to us and nothing he did was ever wrong. Or so we thought because news come to us only through The Star and the radio.

Now, no one can tell a lie and get away with it. Now, I don’t want my children to grow up being fed with only one stream of news. I want my children to develop a wider vision, see bigger horizon and have a mind of their own.

So, Tengku Razaleigh blog is like a breath of fresh air to the putrid blogosphere of politicians slime. Tengku has the helicopter view to see a bigger picture of where our nation is heading. His English is impressive. He is a master in putting so little words and yet, expresses such big opinions.

While I am talking about nation, I wish to embed this video which I did during my course on Citizen Journalism. It is part of our exam and we were given 2 – 3 hours to create a 1 minute video clip from what was given to us. I have added 29 more seconds and a few more photos into this video last night after I watched in horror the kind of things they did to Kugan. (malaysiakini BM version shows the amount of injuries inflicted on him.)

I know the script is rather corny, sounds like lyrics from Michael Jackson’s songs. But we were working under tremendous pressure because we have to learn to use a video editing software foreign to all of us, cut clips from two 7-9 minutes video, join with whatever photos we can find on the internet and blend in music and narration. So, don’t lah kritik too much, ok? My #3 son already said I curi Jesus’s words. I wonder where he gets the idea but looking back, yeah, probably I was a little bit over ‘inspirational’.