As I was driving home today, I saw banners flapping on the lamp posts. I glimpse the faces of our Penang State Government leaders, i.e. CM Lim Guan Eng and his two deputies. My initial reaction was, “OH NO!!! NOT another ‘we wish happy holiday’ waste money banners!!!!”

When I slow down at one of the junction, I took a quick glance and notice that it is a some one year anniversary celebration for the rakyat with the Pakatan Rakyat. That’s when I realised that it was one year ago when my little island along with three other states were jubilantly taken over by the then-opposition parties.

It was one year ago when my nights were filled with ceramahs, chasing Anwar Ibrahim from Tanjong Tokong to Sungai Ara. One year ago when I sat on the bare ground in the basketball court in Taman Lumba Kuda listening, unimpressive to our future CM. (hey, no one expects DAP to win, ok?)

So, is there a cause for celebration for us regular citizens? Do we even have anything to celebrate? What single thing has changed since March 8th? I personally do not see any improvement.

However, I will celebrate because we have one very vocal Chief Minister who calls a spade a spade. I will celebrate the peace we have in Penang, as compared to Perak. I will celebrate the triumph of little David over corrupted Goliath. I will celebrate the hope that we will eventually see change.

Yet, we have seen one of the dirtiest political arena. We have seen the ugliest sides of UMNO, MCA, Gerakan (maybe they are more a sore loser) and Mr. Sami Bulu’s dirty laundry.

I just read from MP Khalid Samad’s blog, the UMNO Youth members who cornered Karpal Singh the other day threatened to throw him into a fountain. LOL!!!

A gang of 26 Pemuda Umno members came to the Parliament with the sole objective of coercing an apology from YB Karpal Singh. They waited from morning and when he appeared in the afternoon, they went to him, surrounding him and threatening him with bodily harm.

I was informed that they intended to throw him into one of the fountain pools next to the Tower block. Fortunately, this plan was thwarted by the timely intervention of some PR MPs returning from lunch who were alerted of the developing incident by Parliament security guards.

This is so comical! But deep down, there are so many things lurking. Like how a recession is looming and yet, our ministers-in-denial constantly bluff themselves that ‘we are ok, we are ok’.

So, what have you got to celebrate, Penangites?