Scary stuffs, I tell you. Like a horror movie, slowly unfolding…..layer by layer….

If I am not careful, soon I will walk around like a zombie. When the house sucks the life out of me, that will be the day when the world ends….

Since I was small, I never have visions of playing housewife nor do I like to play masak-masak. The only reason I played with my neighbour was because we get to build real fire and boiling all those herbs we picked from the kampung. So, it was more playing with fire than playing housewife, cooking, you know?

There was one time when after playing, I scrambled home, leaving the mess for my neighbour to clear. Since then, she refused to play with me anymore.

Hey, I wasn’t cut out to clean houses, you know? I will become a deranged woman, a bad mother and a nagging wife if I have to do it from dawn to dusk. I can then kiss goodbye to my 60 pairs of earrings, truckloads of make-up and my nail polishes. Earrings are my passion so I think I will buy myself a few more pairs to overcome this nightmare of being sucked into the house, minus the life.

Thank God my hubby can afford a part-time helper who is more like a sister to me. (she is hubby’s niece, btw) She has been coming to my house 2-3 times a week for the last 14 years, I think. Back then, I was a full-time working mom. Then, when I stopped working, she continues.

Scary stuffs. This housewife thing. It will slowly enveloped me and turn me into a one-dimensional person. Like those bunch at the little vegetable stall. I met a couple of them zombies this morning. All they talk is where to find the best tuition centre. And the bunch I met the other day at the hair salon is also ‘where to find the best tuition centre’. Niamah, got no other life than talking about children issit? I see my children everyday, the last I want to talk about is how they are doing in school, which subject they are weak at yadda yadda yadda. I’d rather talk to myself through my own blog, thank you very much.

And I forget to mention. There is no wrath like a housewife scorned. The other day, my neighbour on the first floor wrecked her glass window panes, her husband’s car, threw all his stuffs down to the ground floor from the window and according to my #13 years old son, she even whacked the husband with a mop handle at the car park. He witnessed it because he was coming back from school. I didn’t go out and video the thing eventhough I was very, very tempted. I was too lazy to put on a bra, you see.

Aiks! It is 11.44 am. Time to run and pick the little boy from kindie!

Housewife. Scary word.