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Live from Esplanade

I am here at the Esplanade with my Citizen Journalism course mates to cover the Malam Penerangan Setahun Pemerintahan Pakatan Rakyat. It is like ceramah nights all over again.


The politicians are all as fiery as before the general election. Right now MP Jeff Ooi is giving his report to us. One of the ADun said we are their bosses because their salaries, food and drinks are all paid by us rakyat.

We are going to interview Penangites on what they think of this one year under Pakatan Rakyat.

Fun being able to kepochee and call ourselves citizen journalism.

8 Responses to “Live from Esplanade”

  1. I was in Esplanade when I saw you sitting with a guy with his video camera recording. I think the numbers weren’t half as much as the one in Han Chiang hor?

    Eric´s last blog post..Flood the Esplanade field to show support for Penang state government and PR leaders

  2. Eric – It is kind of weird lah. My home is raining the whole time I was there. And there is not a drop of rain at Esplanade. So most people must have stayed away because of the rain.

  3. hey, if you were a freelance, which mainstream newspaper co. wil you submit lu punya work?

    JT´s last blog post..Do fish have ‘Personality’?

  4. JT – We are the little terrorists journalists who are not easily influence by money one….Independent. is where we have our blogs. I got my blog there too but I am not revealing the URL yet. Hehehe.

  5. Haha. Yeah. I live in Air Itam too and the rain was on and off yesterday. I guess it must have deter some away from listening to the ceramah. Sigh. I thought Anwar Ibrahim was among the speakers present.

    Eric´s last blog post..Flood the Esplanade field to show support for Penang state government and PR leaders

  6. Lilian

    How come you did not track LGE to Jln
    Heng Choon Thian market in BW today. He
    and entourage was handing out flowers to the ladies in conjunction with international womens day.
    Too bad did not have a camera with me.

  7. I heard that many has been informed of the cancellation of yesterday’s event by sms and the rain at the other parts of Penang did not help.

    Jimmy Leow´s last blog post..8th March 2009, One year of Pakatan Rakyat in Penang

  8. Nice able to meet up with you… 🙂 Your camera damn sharp lah… Wonder how much ‘months of salary’ going to cost me if I’m to buy one like yours…
    The people is not that many… probably due to the early shower that clean the streets for a while. However, it’s good to hear those leaders being so humble, especially CM Lim who laid out his plan for Penang in the future. 🙂 Cheeerrssssss!

    Wizurye´s last blog post..Toyol in Hot Saudi Soup