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Kembang semangkuk

Kembang seribu semangkuk is a kind of fruit or seaweed (I am not sure). In Hokkien we call it ‘pong thai hai’. When you soak the brownish thing in water, it will swell up. Kembang semangkuk is edible and use in drinks and even ais kacang. Kembang semangkuk is also like a peacock. You know the saying, proud as a peacock.

So, yesterday midnight, the bunch of us wanted to interview the CM for our video. He was mobbed by his fans, photographers and reporters after he got down from stage. I chickened out already when I saw the big mob of people.

Then, my coursemates, Jimmy, Lim and Lucia bumped into Jeff Ooi. And we told him we are citizen journalists on a mission to capture what the rakyats think of the state government and we want to interview the CM as well. Jeff told us, “Go on, charge at him, don’t let him escape.” That gave us the noobies trying to be citizen journalists the extra dash of courage.

So, all four of us approached the CM. Suddenly, I don’t know what to address him amidst the crowds. Mr Lim? CM? LGE? Yang Amat Berhormat? Sir? Good Lord, what!?!? So, I called him Yang Amat Berhormat. I told him we are citizen journalists and we wish to take few seconds (doh!) to ask some questions for our video.

He was being ushered to his car so you can imagine how frantic we are in getting him to pause and talk to us, the nobodies. We don’t have canggih video camera, no press tags and no connection with anyone we know there.

But OMG, he actually stopped walking and talked to me. I told him we are making videos for the online media and I am a blogger. He asked for my URL and I told him I am The 5xmom at but I also have a Christian blog which he quoted before. Then, he said, Haaaa…I know your blogs!

*faints* He even remembered I was at the Acheh Street mosque to stalk him and I got a son. He remembered he took photo with Matthew. *pengsan* I told him, “I am your #1 fan!”

But of course, I quickly brushed ‘fanboi, squeals, omg I am so thrilled kembang seribu’ aside and asked him if he is going to start a blog really soon so that we can get all the news direct from him. I reminded him I am still holding the URL of his name (he knew already that I bought the domain on March 9th 2008) and I will transfer it to his webmaster the minute they are free to claim it. It was just safekeeping and I will only charge them USD10 for the domain fee I paid. I had the foresight that the domain will be taken by people intending to make profits so I grabbed it. (the domain is not dot com but dot org)

It is not often a blogger who craps as much as I do actually can claim that my blog is read by the Chief Minister. He told me personally he reads my blog occasionally usually and asked me to keep up the good work. His staff already told me he reads but there is nothing like a direct affirmation.

Oh yea…..*flaps peacock tail*

24 Responses to “Kembang semangkuk”

  1. I’m so proud of you. Is he more lengzai in real?

  2. A few days ago, there is one special Chinese interview of him with Xiao Hui Ming of AEC Astro. All my family members were very excited to watch it and had a great laugh too (about his relationship with his wife). The second part is coming soon (or is it over already?) hahaha…
    Oh yes.. I forget I share the same birthday with the dark fellow with a wig. Choi…

    choonie´s last blog post..Happy Birthday to me

  3. th_c – He where got lengzai lah.

    choonie – Yalor, you same birthday with Samy Vellu, so spesel hor?

  4. Well done Lilian!, Now I am your No.1 fan! your fan si!

    Big Boys Oven´s last blog post..

  5. lilian,
    i was told the ‘phong-tai-hai’ is called kembang semangkuk….err.. not sure which it the correct one.

  6. ml – Yahor, I think I got the name wrong. But then, maybe my kembang semangkuk is kembang seribu mangkuk.

    AP – I heard the most improved section is the council cos they have a very hard working guy there working everywhere. The new Gov is much more connected to the people also hor?

    BBO – Take a number and queue up please. No pushing, no jumping queue. Hehehe.

  7. Well, Lilian, better erm, make lots of backups and be prepared for a random “raid”. And 112, if some random UMNO bloke lodges a police report on you. But from the looks of it, you are rich as your zoom lens is top range. 😉

  8. Jed – Whatever is in my computer is very tame one. I got no porn, no sensitive stuffs. But those online, I got a webmaster cum Pak Guard who will press the RED button if I buzz him. One distress sms, poof, all my blogs are secured. Hehehe.

    On second thought, I think it will be awfully funny when the headlines say, “Housewife caught for blogging”. Then again, anything can happen in Malaysia Bulleh.

  9. Yup same question. How does he actually look in real face? I think he has grown fatter in a year period. Nice food to eat perhaps. It’s 8th March, a year from Pakatan to rule. Hope they will make more afford to make things happen.´s last blog post..International Women’s Day

  10. @Choonie – what is the name of the programme and when is the air time? Thanks.

  11. Lilian,
    What ever it is called… you deserved it. For you, its kembang berpuluh ribu mangkuk!!! hehe! Enjoy reading your blogs…. its my morning ‘coffee’. Keep up the good work ya!

  12. Erm Lillian, isn’t our CM’s blog ?
    I thought it was his blog but its kinda relatively unknown so I have yet to confirm whether its his.

    Eric´s last blog post..Flood the Esplanade field to show support for Penang state government and PR leaders

  13. Morelike kembang punya kembang seribu mangkok..surely u cudn’t zZz a wink last nite 🙂

  14. eric – Ya, got dot com but dot org more ‘oomph’ mah. I am not sure who is running the current one cos it is not an official one, I think. Last night I did took a lot of notes cuz I am a freak who loves to take notes. Sometimes, I pissed the people around me in classes because I keep jotting things while they relaxxxxx like that. Makes them annoyed and they will keep reminding me, “Eh, the lecturer/speaker will give us the power point slides, no need to jot down.” Sometimes when I have my laptop with me, I type the notes and that make the people around me lagi tulan because I acted like I am smarter than them. Actually, it is to occupy myself or I get fidgety and bored.

    Mindy – Hahaha, I not so sampat and sua pah lah. But still it is a thrill. Actually there is more but I won’t mention on my blog lah, wait I get the video clips and see first.

    ml – Eat the kembang semangkuk too much very cooling, later I cirit birit. 🙂

  15. Keep up the good work. As long as your blog stays with facts, it will be facts. Don’t let others intimidate you…please …

  16. Congrats on your achievement Lilian! Betoi betoi kembang lo!

    I agree that Danny Law should have sat up slightly better than slouching in his chair. He gave quite a good speech in terms of content, but I think he does not need to shout throughout the whole speech. At least he touched on his portfolio’s achievements and future plans. Others excos did not mention much what their achievements for Penang were but more on two bukits and one batang.

    I think is his official blog since it is linked from the DAP website. But I don’t think he is managing it himself like Kit Siang’s blog.

    I was sitting on the stage next to the video cameras so had quite a good unobstructed view. I noticed last night that LGE was walking with a limp both to and from the podium. I wonder why?

  17. Paul – Hahaha, you so observant kah? Actually, it is like ceramah pre-GE like that. Tembak BN kau-kau.

    PenangBoy – Hahaha, I hope I have not rile up DAP members but I am only observing and telling them truthfully that at some point, they have to cut the kamcheng part. Cos hor, they are really like ‘aiyah, that one is one of our members so no big deal lah, he talk, we also sembang, not like we don’t know what he is going to say’. Like the comments on Malaysiakini, some PR members are patronising like UMNO.

  18. Alamak!(Oops! Can I still use this word?) I missed that thanks for the reports and pictures here.You have done a great job!

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..Silly TV News ( jokes)

  19. Lillian, we are all so proud of you. And you had the foresight to register the domain.

    Bengbeng´s last blog post..I like Mathematics and Science in English

  20. wah.. u got so close to yr ‘ah boy’. how did he smell? how did he smell? I sound like a pervert!!

    JT´s last blog post..I give you an alternative digital Saturation.

  21. .com??? Ask me lah. Bwahahaha!!!

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