Time is love

Just some pictures I took last week.


There was this one afternoon when I packed a ‘picnic’ lunch and brought it along with me when I pick my little boy from kindie.


I told him we are going to have a picnic lunch in the park. The garden in our apartment grounds. Not anywhere fancy.


The weather was extremely cool that day so he had so much thrills eating the ham and cheese sandwich, some apple slices, juice and a packet of Chickadee. Can you still sing Saya Charlie Chickadee…


My church is running a Lenten campaign with the theme Keep Hope Alive. They are selling these T-shirts for RM20. On 21st March 2009 I am teaming up with my #1 son and a few church members to cook for the ‘street people’. Another team will go out to the streets at night and deliver foods and drinks for those sleeping on the streets and other homeless people. Actually, I am still undecided if I am going to ask my ‘valued blog readers’ to help me raise enough funds to feed 180 people. RM5 is sufficient to feed at least 2 persons.


They give the pre-school children from the catechism class these coin boxes so that they can put their spare changes and donate to the poor. The money raised from this Lenten Campaign benefits all walks of life. I think if I put my chubby kid with the coin box and wearing that t-shirt on the streets, he can easily get a lot of donations hor? I have taught him well…..”Put on your puppy eyes, show like you are about to cry….” Hehehe.

Anyway….this post is just to show that it is nice to have plenty of time to indulge with our children as they are growing up. Like Zig Ziglar said, LOVE is spelt TIME.

11 thoughts on “Time is love

  1. Hi Lillian, we met once together with Peter and Realibity bite and couple other in Egate I think many years ago.. long story short.. how to donate to the food for homeless thingy ? Can it be done through you ?


  2. Sonny’s doll so cute..but isn’t he a lil big for it already? Can donate to me 🙂

  3. Aiyor, thanks for all the offer to help sponsor. Let me check with the team and see if it is ok for me. I come back in a few days time, ok?

  4. mL – Soli soli! It is sold at my church, Cathedral of the Holy Spirit wor. And they only sell it only during certain times when there are volunteers around. The church is the one with the blue cross, behind Caltex at Jalan Besi. Usually, the best times are Sunday mornings around 11 am or Saturday evening around 7 pm.

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