Over these last few days, I have been silently lurking and reading some of the comments left by anonymouse and even remarks by Wong Chun Wai on his blog.

Someone griped that the Pakatan speakers on that night are knobheads and the ideas they churned out are dumb. I took these words from someone else’s blog comments. Well, whoever said that probably are knobbier heads than the speakers. On that night, I was sitting next to my son’s pediatrician. But at the same time, next to me are also some old ahpeks in singlets and big big shorts. So, you can see that the people came from all walks of life. I even overheard some ahpeks said, “Kim meh boh mik kia ciak eh” (tonight there is no free foods) Therefore, those speeches on that night are for the man on the street who are not logged into the latest news on online media nor read the newspapers.

Meanwhile, Wong Chun Wai said this on his blog. JeffOoi also noted what Wong Chun Wai wrote : (in bold are WCW’s words)

Wong Chun Wai is equally critical. He is of the opinion that, one year after the euphoria of GE2008, the patch work has surfaced as in Penang, “where below par politicians were put into offices and they seemed unable to live up to expectations”.

Sure, some of the elected representatives especially the ADun are not savvy at all. When they speako Ingrish, it can make some of us cringe. But they got there because they had been serving the people for decades inspite of losing election after election. Who needs a suave speaker with charisma and Hugo Boss? We want them on the streets working for the people. Take for example, YB Teh. He champions for the environment. I have seen him working with his bare hands, he had cycled to China and back, he jumpstarts many ‘Save the environment’ projects. I heard he was helping his wife selling ‘choo char’ (rice stall) before he becomes an ADun. So what if some of them are actually ‘chor lor lang’ as long as they are not corrupted, not look good outside, lazy inside?

And then, the on-going thing a lot of people are bitching about are the declaration of assets. Many got their underpants twisted like the world is coming to an end because the Pakatan Rakyat elected politicians have not declare their assets yet. There is even one very delusional chap who wrote blog post after blog post like he can saves the world from floods, natural disaster using the Tong Shu and etc. And every single one of his post complains about Lim Guan Eng.

Come on lah, many of them probably don’t even own much properties. Maybe none of them ever thought of becoming a Yang Berhormat on March 8th 2008. Of course, they must declare it really soon but it is not like this is a big deal. I used to be a secretary and I have arranged many London trips, Hongkong apartments and a lot of other unmentionable things for a lot of ‘people in power’ back in the 90s. My point is, they can declare all the assets they want but there are always lubang belakang for them to abuse if they are corrupted.

Then, some of those who probably had their life support cut off and their guts ripped off after the Pakatan Rakyat took over went on and on about how biased Lim Guan Eng is. They said he is too quick to hit back whenever the BN side accused him of something. They said he is not concentrating on doing his job but defending and fighting with the BN side all the time. Dudes, we prefer to have a CM who calls a spade a spade than one who is like KTK who kowtow all the time and put on that calm and serene smile. When people step and tore his photo, he somemore can kawan them back.

They also said the Penang State Government only favours those corporate companies who helped them before the GE. Of course lah, this is call kam-cheng. Politcis mah…. At least we can openly see that our State Government get those companies to donate to the poor instead of masuk poket sendiri for the kam-cheng.

Oh ya, then there is the Cheap Minister of Darul Sampah nickname. Well, it is good he is cheap aka stingy and frugal because this way, he can help to save a lot of money for our island. As for the Darul Sampah, I think the only people to blame are our Penangites dirty habits. I heard the MPPP is now run by someone who is very dedicated and he is beginning to bring a lot of improvement. As for pak-hai or Seberang Perai, maybe they should look at the going-ons there before complaining. Don’t forget that many of the mainland seats are still under UMNO.

So yeah, I am CM #1 fan. So sue me. Hehehe.