I search the term recession in my previous posts and I found a lot of old posts on recession.

DPM talking about 20 sen reduction in roti canai,

Malaysia claimed that she is better off than Singapore

A laffing DPM and PM on recession

To spend or to save confusion

And today, our DPM and Finance Minister came up with a brilliant idea of pumping RM60 billion, out of which almost 50% will be used to revive private sector industries.

Anil said ‘The “boys” will be licking their lips.

Rocky said our DPM is a very caring DPM.

Tian Chua said it is unstimulating.

Tony Pua doesn’t even need to say anything and already someone got riled up and ask Tony to grow up.

Meanwhile Jeff Ooi said it is hogwash over two years.

But people, those who think politics are irrelevant in your life and claimed that my blog is boring because I touched on too much politics, this issue concerns you now.

You know why? Because you will be in the midst of the R word and it will bite your butt. I tell you what recession means.

My hubby once had to work for no salary (out of compassion for the boss) because whatever money the boss had was used to pay the workers’ wages. When there wasn’t enough money to pay their weekly wages, they whacked my hubby old Honda Civic second generation because they thought hubby refused to pity them.

I once applied for a job and there were 73 applicants and most of them were over qualified. (oh ya, I got the job because I was the one in the million my ex-boss was looking for)

Hubby and I were not married and we didn’t have kids nor housing loans. I took the bus and we rented an apartment that costs only RM180 per month per apartment which we sub-let. We allocated only RM2 per meal. Instead of staying in Penang, we stayed in Seberang Jaya because cost of living was much lower.

For Chinese New Year, we only buy underwears and pajamas! Because it was too expensive to buy new clothes mah. Supermarkets closed down. Tour companies tutup kedai. All the small time businessmen who supply to the supermarket stand swimming because their lifetime savings were gone. I was a legal clerk and only my blood sucking lawyer boss was earning money from all those litigation cases.

But in all, it builds character for both hubby and I. It taught us to be frugal and when we have more money, it was much more enjoyable spending them. There wasn’t credit card debt to tie us down or any loans to give us sleepless nights.

Now, if there is going to be another recession, I say bring it on. It may be tough but people will come out of it much wiser.

But then, back in those times we have Daim Zainuddin and Tun M. Now? *shivers*