It is nice to claim back a routine. Thank God I don’t need to drive up and down, in and out, round and round the whole town anymore.

It is so homely to be able to go to the market, buy some food stuffs, prepare lunch, take a nap, prepare dinner, wash some clothes, hang the laundry, chit chat with the kids and drink coffee. Many times we often don’t appreciate simple things like these until our lives are turned upside down.

It is so rewarding to see my little boy who is just six years and two weeks old reading Enid Blyton series on his own. Suddenly, he no longer need to read aloud nor asks me the meaning of every words. I told him to just skip a word if he is not very sure what it is because it will make senses and he can guess from the sentence. When he finished a short story, he will excitedly tell me what’s the story about.

It is heavenly when both of us finally fall asleep, taking a nap. And then, the others who returned from school also took their naps. So, it is one big family of happy nappers.

It is a complete family life when the head of the family returns home from work and had his warm dinner waiting on the table.

This, I think, is what a regular Malaysian family life ought to be. It is kind of boring but it is fulfilling and homely. For that, I thank God for our good health, our blessings and our happiness.