I am trying to imagine I am 44 and a lesbian

I just found out that I am the same age as Khir Toyo. He is 44. I am 44 too (at least until September).

But this post is not about Khir Toyo. It is just a ‘let’s imagine’ post.

I am trying to imagine I am 44 years old (which is not so hard to imagine because it is real). I am trying to imagine I am single. (also not too hard)

I am trying to imagine I am a lesbian. (which shouldn’t raise eyebrows because it simply means I dislike men and their perverted things)

But I cannot imagine being 44, a lesbian, having an older sister who tell the world I am a lesbian and then, she engaged UMNO Youth to publish my sordid details to the whole wide world on Youtube.

It is sad. It is very distasteful how people think they can solve the world problems of homosexuality by going to the press, hold a press conference and remind people that it is a sin to be a lesbian.

It is sad how a person’s vulnerable situation is being used by fame hungry folks. The details of the person and where she works were revealed for all to see.

I just cannot imagine….

You don’t know what I am babbling about? It is on Malaysiakini TV. The free BM Malaysiakini story. I find it comical that satan was being blamed for it and sad that God was being accused of making a person getting angin akhmar (what’s that ah?) to ‘wake the person up’.

Note : I am neither supportive nor against same sex relationship. I am just questioning the demeaning way the person was being dealt with. None of us understand much about same sex relationship and none of us have any solution.

3 thoughts on “I am trying to imagine I am 44 and a lesbian

  1. Choonie is right. Angin ahmar = stroke.

    I’m puzzled to see some people who claimed to be practising Muslims going around to air their dirty laundry (or others’) to members of the public. The Qur’an and the beloved Prophet taught us not to do that.

  2. SkyJuice – Yalor, not that I want to jaga tepi kain but the way they put the issue like it is something really terkutuk. Come on lah, not like they have proof that the couple are indulging in sexual relationship so they cannot really tear two persons apart like that without evidence. That couple have their privacy rights as well. The sister pulak terang-terang tell the whole world where her sister works. How is the sister going to face the world now that she expose like that.

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