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Some of you have noticed I run a new RSS feeds on the sidebar of my blog here. The blog is under the CJ.MY website.

After going through three months of weekend courses, we have some basic lessons on video filming, video editing, script writing, article writing and discover what is citizen journalism.

The first day we were asked to introduce ourselves and the reason we signed up for the course, I told them, “I am here to learn how to avoid getting into jail over my blog posts.”

Bloggers are being hauled up by the police over their blog posts. I don’t have problem with them being questioned if there is good reason for them to do so. But I am against the police action of sending two to three police cars and 8 police personnels to hunt a blogger down. It is an act of intimidation more than necessity, I would say.

So, the next question we ask is, “Where do we go from here?” Now that we have completed the course and about to take our exam this Sunday, what are we going to do next?

Some of my coursemates (Lim, Leow and Lucia) and I have turun padang to get the views from the people. We call it the vox pop or voice of the people. Right now, I don’t have a decent video camera but I am going to get one with my next Nuffnang paycheck.

The other night, our course mate, Lim took some videos. One of them is the speech by Lim Guan Eng at the Esplanade. I tell you, it is a thrill to see my name on Malaysiakini. Below is the screenshot. I am afraid the video is only for Malaysiakini subscribers and not shown on Youtube because it is the full speech that lasts 40+ minutes.

Picture 1.png

In my plans are lots of documentaries, video clips and stories about lives in Penang. I have put a tag line – View from the grounds is never nice. I used a cropped Komtar building (symbolising the ruling state government, gleaming and shiny) and the messy grounds from the backlanes of Penang. My mission is to expose whatever dirt I can dig. Dirt doesn’t mean bad governance but rather the less nice things in life. Sometimes, the ‘big boys’ all concentrate on the politics up there and forget that the little people on the streets are the ones who suffer and endure their evil acts.

So, like one Youtube video I watch, a guy said, “Politicians should be very afraid of citizen journalists” Muahahaharr….

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And you know what? Re the comment I made when I first join the course? I think I am much nearer to getting into trouble now that I learned more. So help me, God.

(P/S : You wait I get the video clips from Lim, the one 5xmom with her #1 fan, and vice-versa and I post it next week.)

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  1. “I think I am much nearer to getting into trouble now that I learned more. So help me, God.”
    ….. and also because now that Lilian Chan is getting more famous! Haha! Well, jokes aside, do be extra careful and God be with you always!
    *Looking forward to your plans on lives in Penang*

  2. jgn gd0h2 r org mlayu.. cam mane malay nak maju klau pemimipin sendiri p0n gd0h2.. berpkir r dgn matang yer.. bkan sya mencabar prbuatan awk.. tpi,ini luahan sya wakil pndduk malay yg sgt r hina.. maaF!!!!!!!!

  3. Eh choclairz – You cakap dengan siapa tu? Salah jabatan lah. Ni, pusing kiri, kanan, dua pintu di hadapan, belok kiri, belok kanan. Hah….silap tempat ni. Ni jamban, bukan jabatan kerajaan.

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