It is 1 am and the rain is pouring. I am going to stay awake for a while and see that it doesn’t flood. After getting four floods in three months and having two cars hauled to the workshop for months due to damage by flood, one gets a little paranoid.

These last few days had been filled with car hunting. At other times, I may be a little bit vain and demand at least a new Myvi. But on second thought, I will settle for a tiny Viva. Recession mah.

Earlier in the evening, I just drove two cars. One is a 660CC Viva, no power steering, manual. The other is a Kelisa, 1L with power steering but also manual. The Viva is only 7 mths old, the Kelisa 7 years old. Both around the same price.

I think I haven’t drive a manual car for more than 8 years. The last was my Honda Accord which has power steering. So, put me in a tiny space with rows of second hand cars for sale, a manual, no power steering Viva and two very annoying teens age 19 yrs and 17 yrs, what can you expect?

“Ma!!!!! You cannot drive, sure cannot. Ma!!!!!! Dangerous.” These are intentional intimidation to ruffle my feathers.

“Ma!!!! You so big, the car won’t move one……Ma!!!! Buy the RM9K Marselis, like tank like that, you knock into who also never mind.”


But it is kind of cute to drive a Viva. The steering gives me wrist aches, I tell you. Now, I am undecided whether to buy a new Viva, 1L with power steering and auto or to buy that 2nd hand Viva I just drove.

I only need the car this year because my youngest boy need to go to kindie at 9 am and my eldest boy need to go to KDU 9 am too. Next year, my youngest boy will be studying in the school next door so I don’t need a spare car that desperately.

Yet, from August onwards, my #2 son can start driving and it is certainly makes sense to buy something he can drive. Right now, I have the Persona (which my son had recently crashed and gone into workshop) and the Naza. Without the Persona, hubby has urgently begged his sister to lend him her Wira to get to work. We will return it to her next week because it is the school holidays.

With recession excuse, the company is not giving a company car in the package. So, we have to find a third car. It is so hard to make a decision because our cars are at the mercies of the floods, sun and bird shits as only one car is allowed in our apartment grounds.

Viva, no Viva, Viva, no Viva. *Myvi SE can kiss sayonara*

(Do I need to mention that the Viva only goes for 5 minutes drive in the morning and 5 minutes drive in the afternoon on weekdays? Other than that, I doubt I will drive it much.)