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Today is the last day of school. Whoopee! I got my little boy out of kindie at 10.00 am because I need to send my #2 to Batu Maung for his bike test at JPJ Batu Maung which is like the corner of the island. So, I kidnapped my little boy and both of us went to the Batu Maung and lepak at the pathetic little acquarium. Actually, the acquarium is not too bad and worth a visit with your little kids.


Since we are in the neighbourhood, we dropped by PISA which is the white elephant of Penang. They built an Olympic size swimming pool and only to be told it is not really Olympic size. The indoor stadium too have not seen too many events. By product of BN lah. And do you see the three ‘standards’ of chairs? You can tell this food exhibition is a BN event. I heard some Ministry of Tourism folks and Kee Phaik Cheen are coming to officiate the thing.


This is the first time I went into the Battle of the Chefs arena. I need to pay RM3 entry fee but it offers a lot of stuffs to see. Food carvings, cooking competitions, cake decorating, ice carvings, teh tarik etc.


Plenty of food photos to capture.

I met Momo and PenangTuaPui, Fei Fei at PISA too. Oh ya, I bought some Mahathir Buffalo mozzarella which is RM15 per piece. Wish to buy the other type which costs RM75 per piece of cheese but heh, I went to PISA with less than RM100 because I didn’t intend to go in the first place. So, no expensive cheese and Mahathir Beef, only heart clogging pork luncheon meat. Kita orang miskin, Pak.


My eldest son’s college is one of the sponsor so he has to on duty at PISA. It is good exposure for him to see what being chefs are. Actually, it is very interesting to be chefs, so fun to cook and so much creativity.