Give me one more day, Mr. Flu

Just one more day and you can take over my body and fill it with all the flu bugs, sneeze bugs, cough bugs, fever bugs, bone ache bugs….and all the cucu cicit nenek-moyang.

Now is not the time to make me lose my voice. And give me GREEN hingus like telor setengah masak. Ish, I need at least five tissue to clear those green cendol.

I just want one more day, Mr. Flu. Kasi chan sikit, tomorrow I got exam, choir practice and Martin Jalleh’s session.

And you know how frus it is to lose my voice? I can speak but only few sentences before the voice goes off.

So, today something messed up. I fast fast apologised and said sorry for the mess up. And the ‘big boss’ said, ‘Chey…nothing much.’ (means not necessary to apologise lah)

But the moment I stepped out, kena ledi. “Hey, Lilian, what happened lah? Why like that?” (Yerrr…..already hundreds of pairs of eyes already laser me for making them lose their community prayers. If those stares can burn, I am like swiss cheese berlubang-lubang already)

So, I pun replied, “Nothing lah.”

Somemore tak puas, “Eh….Father very particular one, sure he marah.”

I pun replied, “Never mind lah.” (like doh…..if Father wants to marah, apa kena-mengena with you lah. )

Niamah. So clever to do, you come and do lah. (anyway, it wasn’t exactly my fault but it is easier I owned up to save others….)

But that’s not the end of the rant of the day. Earlier, I kena lagi. Again, not my fault. But I no voice to argue and I don’t see a point to argue because I do not think it is necessary. Someone forgets, I don’t see a point to tell him he forgets because the thing is over already. Not like the world ends or anything like that.

Now, that I think back………….. Good time I lost my voice ‘cos I cannot bitch back and hence, Once again…5xmom saves the day. By not talking. Moral of the story is, “It is easier to say sorry and move on than to pick on who is wrong, who is right.” Who cares if those people think I am possibly the clumsiest person (which I am not).

Thank God I bought two pairs of handmade earrings earlier to make me very happy and I saw a rainbow after mass and then, a golden sky.

So, Mr. Flu, if you want to T.K.O. me, do it on Monday when I have no duties to fetch kid, drop kid, ok? *ommmmm….flu bugs die, flu bugs die, ommmmmm*

6 thoughts on “Give me one more day, Mr. Flu

  1. Looks like your throat has always been the most vulnerable spot whenever flu strikes. Have a good rest and get well soon!
    BTW, we saw that beautiful rainbow too when we were resting at the Botanical Recreation park after our evening walk today.

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..Ah9pek & Ah9Soh TALKINGCOCK

  2. Saw the rainbow too near Penang Bridge yesterday evening when we were on our way to Tambun Fish Village for seafood. Magnificant! Did you all notice there were double layers of rainbows?

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