Whole sky brightens up

This is a long, long post.


Sunday morning, I woke up at 8.30 am and SMS my loukong. [i wake up, go breakfast and see car?]

Then, my phone rang.

Hubby : I am at Green Lane, here got one Kelisa, looks nice.

Total silence

Hubby : Little while I come back then we go makan and I fetch you to see the car.

Total silence

DIE!!!! I totally have no voice coming out! I have removed my tonsils many decades ago because the tonsils inflamed easily and I was usually very sick.

Whenever I have this total no voice sound system problem, I will think of Teng Hock Nan. The cruel, mou leong sum, sei gwai lansi yisang….Dendam. Once, I was so sick and had no voice and begged him to give me an MC and he refused! I had to endure answering telephone with no voice and use pen and paper to ‘talk’. I still hate you Teng Hock Nan! I am so happy Lim Guan Eng wins the election or else….



So, we went to see the Kelisa but that car was sold. Somehow, for some reasons, hubby and I decided to forget about hunting for second hand car. Fed-up lah. So, he called the Perodua salesman and told him to get a Viva 1L, auto (but not the i series) by hook or by crook.


We want it by Wednesday because I need to fetch kids to scout camp by Thursday. BTW, my #2 now rides a bike *prays and bite nails*. Don’t care what colour, what number, we give you cash RM37,950 (Perodua giving RM2,500 discount), you go find one. Wednesday, I will have a Viva to squeeze into all the lubang-lubang. Something that I cannot do when I am driving the Naza Ria. Plus I have time to claim the RM650 from JPJ for the petrol naik harga. Muahahar….

Watch out, Penang, Viva La Mama Lima is going to terrorize the neighbourhood in her little car.


“Sons, you know ah? Your ma very clever one….See my results? All passed with high high marks.” The questions are darn difficult, ok? Some are technical, some are AP Pro terms. I just learn AP Pro last two weeks and now, I must know what panel is what name.


Somemore must know all the camera terms. And I passed! I so clever…..*the Penang State Government is going to plant kembang semangkuk in the island, so said an article in The Star few days ago* You know why they do that? Because 5xmom just made kembang semangkuk very famous.


I just notice a free Wi-fi signal on my iMac airport and on my laptop too. Do you see it, Bryan? (since he stay in the nearby area)

Picture 2.png

It is not working yet but I hope it will. When my area has free wifi and it is not sucky like the stupiak stimass, I am going to kiss Lim Guan Eng’s feet. Hahaha.



It starts in April. For Proton, you can take any besi buruk and buy a new Proton with RM5,000 discount. For Perodua cars, you need to have the same owner for the besi buruk and the new car you are buying. Come on lah, the Government think we bodoh kah? Where to find RM5,000 and below secondhand cars lah. If I am only driving a RM5,000 and below car, how the hell can I afford to buy a new Proton? In the end, it is just gimmick and also to con more poor people into owning cars and paying for car loans through their noses.

If you car is worth RM6,000, you only get RM5,000 only, ok? Tak masuk akal lah, pak menteri $$.

It is the school holidays! Yeah, yat theen dou gwong sai lor. No need to wake up early, can sleep late late, no need to drive (because I have no car anyway)

14 thoughts on “Whole sky brightens up

  1. hahaha… I was hunting for a car too this morning to exchange with my pa’s besi buruk. My pa is in dilemma right now. Still not cheap buying a car with RM5000 discount. Can’t even get a loan cos he is a retiree now. Still thinking whether to buy or not. The besi buruk is older than me and not even worth RM1000. Good time to change but Najib still din give enough $$$ le….

    choonie´s last blog post..Losing Voice

  2. choonie – Wuah, got RM1K car, fast fast go buy a new car lah. Proton Saga nice mah. Big and cheap. The car loan is now very strict, many people kena reject.

  3. Welcome to the Viva club!! I have been driving mine (auto) for nearly 2 years.

    You will love yours too! Wah, turning circle very keng one!Parking? No sweat!

  4. Momo – Inside very spacious lah. The back seats especially are so much more spacious than my Persona. I get so frus with my Persona cos my foot tend to get stuck at the middle where that box near the gear jut out to the back. Stupid design lah, sometimes I kena take off my shoe cos it is totally jammed because of the narrow space.

  5. Bryan – Weird hor, how come I can see one. Maybe they are installing liao or what? But that night PR event, CM said Komtar area all got free wifi wor.

  6. That car discount thingy … till now also can’t figure what’s the purpose? You see, when the crude oil price went up previously, the rakyat were asked to “Ubah gaya hidup anda” .. mainly to control spending and spend less lar. Now that in the midst of recession period with price of everything also went up (and never came down), the rakyat are offered RM5,000 to change their old cars? Another “Ubah gaya hidup anda”?? ** scratching head **

    BlurryLeo´s last blog post..Sambal Asparagus with Prawns

  7. BlurryLeo – They say ubah gaya hidup but it is more milking the poor to ensure the financial institutions stay alive. All they want is to keep people in debts. When we are in debts, we are at their mercies.

    Monica – It is like one of those cheap gimmicks, in my opinion. The kind where they can seek cheap publicity to show how caring they are but all hot air only.

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