My one minute and twenty three seconds of fame

is right over here….

Thanks to Lim who video-ed that, and thanks to Jimmy who looks like SB (who makes our team more intimidating) who are both my coursemates and Lucia too.

I swear I didn’t stalk! I was merely carrying out our assignment on citizen journalism. But then, hey, I got a new blog fansee!

19 thoughts on “My one minute and twenty three seconds of fame

  1. Wah…got hug some more wor!!!!! But you deserve something for being the #1 CM stalker.

  2. mL – No wor, you can smell from your place ah? Actually hor, I just got this video a couple of nights ago and I also don’t what I said or do cos damn nervous, you know?

  3. agnes – No lah, I already willed my Mr. Flu to visit only during school holidays so today is the first day of school holiday so Mr. Flu possessed me lor. I just got a call from someone and it was sooo frustrating being not able to talk!

  4. kak teh – Yalah, I pun so overwhelmed with his generous compliments. Not because he is the CM but usually people don’t load so much compliments in one minute lah. Lagi, he silap kereta while talking to me. Hahaha, got two cars, he jalan to the wrong one.

    David – Actually the whole conver is longer. There was one part where I told him I know he reads my Christian Journey cos he quoted it in one of his rebuttal about the Fed Gov taking too much advantage of the State Gov. The Lord works in mysterious ways indeed.

  5. hahaha… I am so proud of you. Don’t know why I keep smiling when I watch that video. You talk so fast. hahaha.. You worry that you cannot tell him everything you want hia? Too bad the last few sentences not very clear.. but I heard something like you have one son, I remember… keep up your good work and you take good photograph. Wa lao.. if me, I also kembang hidung.

    choonie´s last blog post..Open Book Test

  6. choonie – I always talk and read too fast. Kena marah dunno how many times for reading the Bible too fast and leave everyone HUH? Boh pien mah, I 5xmom must do things 5x faster or else how to cope wor.

    He said, You are wonderful, I read your blog usually, keep blogging, your photos are very good, I think I saw you at the Leboh Acheh mosque, you got one son. And I said, I am your #1 fan.

  7. 9pek9bo – So many people mobbed him until the road also cannot see lah. My coursemate Lim’s video camera so kerng or else langsung cannot see me also cos it was very late, like past midnight already and no lights.

  8. cut n paste fr the other post, since Lilian said i never commented….

    u kidding, sure got watch lah…\ which one ah? the xxx one or…OH, tht one!! sure sure, got see got see.
    what I saw was the whiteness of yr teeth stretching from one ear to the other. despite the darkness, I tot I also saw a glow fr yr face, or was it the reflection fr the 5xmom shirt?
    for a nanosecond, I tot he was gonna give you a peck on yr cheek!
    anyway, good job, Lilian!

    JT´s last blog post..A Fishy tale

  9. here;s another….

    i think you were overwhelmed by the engtou look of the CM.
    next time, forget abt the praises…. go straight to the questions. The CM knows you and reads your blog and he knows ‘you like him’ “winked”

    JT´s last blog post..A Fishy tale

  10. JT – Actually, I am not overwhelmed by the person but the mob following him. And how many times I must repeat, where got entau lah? And that’s not glow but sweat and rain, ok? The whole island was raining, including my home when I went out but miraculously, the Esplanade was dry.

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