As a blogger, it annoys me that the media and bloggers conveniently put the label ‘bloggers charged with insulting the Sultan’. It gives the impression that all bloggers are bad, dodgy, kurang ajar and notorious, like wanted criminals.

I had been following the news and it seems that not all the six plus two more added today are bloggers. Only one or two are bloggers but the rest are randoms individuals with an opinion. Actually, all of us human must have opinions. It is not a sin to have opinions.

We have opinions of our respective gods. And I don’t see how having an opinion is a crime. But then, it will be a crime if I go any further, so I shall not say anything further. I shall let this site says what I dare not express.

However, I am not afraid to ask how come our authorities are so efficient and so quick to pick up these people? Are they actually spying on all our internet activities all along?

As far as I know, the comments these 8 individuals left are on an independent ‘
guest book’. It still amazes me how people are still using the teknik lapuk of having guestbooks. I had used guestbooks before back in the late 90s and early 2000 at Yahoo Geocities.

I am not saying it is ok for people to be rude and all that. It is not. What more a royalty. But I hope someone influential will find out how come it is so easy to pick up an IP and identify the user that quick. I feel creepy that base on our IP, ‘they’ can know so much about us. I just feel like Rockwell ‘Sunglasses at night’. They lyrics go something like ‘I always feel that, somebody KPC is watching me….’

And stop labelling every Mat, Minah, Ah Chong, Ah Lian, Muthu and Shanti as bloggers eventhough they are not.

(news on Malaysiakini that two more are charged)