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In an animal kingdom…

Once upon a time, there lived a crab, a wild boar and other creatures. One day, they want to pick a few leaders for their kingdom.

The crab was played out by the rest. The crab was grilled. The end.

crab - baked

Meanwhile….the down trodden people in that kingdom are awaiting the fate of the wild boar.

They are wondering if the wild boar with a fondness for brooms will end up in the cooking pot with the crab……They hope so because both the crab and the boar are the most racists of the kingdom. Oh ya, there is also the beruk but he is probably very safe.

Moral of the story : Karma bites.

Some related stories : Pak Lah, please tell these people to duduk diam-diam with a quote from Mr. Crab :

“We have to stop all major projects to Penang as this is what the people wanted. If we continue with the project it would be almost impossible for us to regain control of the State in the next General Elections,” the Malacca Chief Minister said.

“If we stop all major projects, the people would realise what they had lost and would then come back to the BN. This is the only way we could recapture the State in the future from the opposition,” he told reporters after visiting the Menara Taming Sari project near Dataran Pahlawan along Jalan Merdeka, here, today.

13 Responses to “In an animal kingdom…”

  1. wah!! want to threaten people lah konon..! That will make people more angry..sure kalah kaw-kaw in the next general election *hopefully*

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Hello..Bomba???? and Dragon Ball Evolution stories..

  2. kadusmama – Yalor, he said that after Penang fell into the hands of the opposition. Think we all Penangites bodohkan. Want to strangle us, choke us and then, expect us to crawl back, half dead and beg BN to save us. I was so angry with that quote mah, that’s why I still keep the proof.

  3. The crab is crazy to make that comment. If all major projects are stop, I am sure bee end will kalah lagi teruk! Use your brain la… oooppsss… crab probably has no brain at all.

    choonie´s last blog post..??"???" by phaur

  4. choonie – Yalor, so arrogant like we are their hamba like that. He forgets the money is ours, not his.

  5. craps literally pours out fr the mouth of crab. this fellow can stand side by side with syed hamid. r they brothers? i mean fr the same family… celaka. talk like 14th barbarians.

    JT´s last blog post..A Fishy tale

  6. Grilled crab or roasted ketam…. Haha!

  7. The crab looks yummy.

  8. I couldn’t believe this kindda crap shit can come out from these ppl’s mouth… seriously they got brain or not ahh??

    dreckker´s last blog post..interior…

  9. wmd – Maybe when the decision is final, I go celebrate by eating crabs. Break my fasting also never mind lah.

  10. I heard they are also having Mike Tyson for dinner besides having crab and boar.

  11. terence – Somemore got one more, nay, the ex-ex-MB. The one who caused Lim GE masuk ISA one? Got ah? Also worth to see that head rolls.

  12. Ali Rectum also said, don’t need PPP and others, can rule for another 50 years #$*#@#!

  13. I wish i wish i wish next GE bee-end rule TOILET..yippee