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“Kawan-kawan, Jangan main-main dengan saya.”

I didn’t say it. Karpal Singh said it with so much ooomph, I am only parroting him.

He said it during his speech at the Pakatan Rakyat anniversary at Esplanade. If you are a subscriber of Malaysiakini, you can watch his speech on It is not available on Youtube. So, I took the liberty to edit a short clip of CM Lim Guan Eng and Karpal Singh’s speeches. I take it as my video editing practices. The video was filmed by my coursemate, Lim Boo Seng.

Next, I am editing some other video clips and get it send to the *OMG, OMG, OMG, the CM!*. To know what it is about, check out Jimmy’s blog.

And I think I am going to blog like this Suffian guy. He is some guy from Malaysiakini and he taught us to just take videos with our opinions and post it on Youtube. I check through a few of his videos on Youtube and “Bang, tak boleh makan after video camera dah switch off? Semua video clips pun tengah dok makan ni?” LOL

Maybe someday, I install CCTV in my kitchen and I pok-pek, pok-pek while I wash dirty dishes, cutting vegetables, chopping ketam…..Boleh kan? Spesel tak? Save time from typing.

So, kawan-kawan, jangan main-main dengan saya. I got razor in one hand and your balls in another. Potong buang, baru tau.

10 Responses to ““Kawan-kawan, Jangan main-main dengan saya.””

  1. It’s a good idea actually to install a cctv in your kitchen and you pok-pek-ing while doing whtever you’re doing. Thats what I call ‘A Talk Show’.

    muteaudio´s last blog post..THE BOY IN THE STRIPED PYJAMAS

  2. muteaudio – A-Tok Show? Hahaha.

  3. Wah…suddenly you sound sooo garang telling people you have a razor and wanna cut their ball..hahahahaa

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Mommy…u cee, the ‘cock’ already..

  4. haiyoo karpal sudah tak bleh jalan pencen la cepat2 ape u tak bleh jalan ape kerja u bleh buat? makan gaji buta? parlimen bayar u elaun duit rakyat ape rakyat mau org parlimen cacat takbleh jalan ke tak bleh buat kerja? u rakyat pikir2 la sikit

    5XMOM TO STUPID COMMENTOR : Eh, brader, saya banyak mengasihani orang-orang yang berminda tak waras seperti engkau tau? Sebab apa….

    1) Engkau tadak kerja lain, buat blog pasal Karpal Singh saja kah? Tak ada rezeki lain yang kaki dua, tangan dua engkau tu boleh cari ke? Oh lupa, otak tak berkeupayaan.

    2) Perangai macam engkau ni, memang dipandang hina oleh orang-orang lain. Mencaci orang tua, mencaci orang cacat memang perangai yang buruk dan memalukan.

    3) Akhir sekali, tak kira tuhan apa yang engkau sembah, perbuatan kau ni memang berdosa.

    Lagi pun, sumbangan apa yang engkau mampu beri kepada negara? Bukan engkau ada duit nak bayar income tax, road tax.

    Pergi renung perangai engkau tu lah…Tuhan, .Kasihan lah si manusia sesat yang macam komentor Karpal Cacat ni…Aduhai…

  5. kadusmama – Nah, tengok komen di atas tu. Puas dapat tendang bola pengecut #4.

  6. I think the commenter wrote his name wrong, should change the word “Karpal” to “Otak”.

    Bryan´s last blog post..iPhone Hits Malaysia, A Little Too Late & Why It Would Fail.

  7. Ya..ya!! agree with Bryan..shud put his name otak cacat one..hahaha
    You not only tendang..sudah cut a bit already loh..

    kaDusMama´s last blog post..Mommy…u cee, the ‘cock’ already..

  8. Hi obnoxious mummy,
    May I know what software you use for the video editing?

    teeming´s last blog post..????2 ?8? Perfect Cut 2 Episode 8 Faithfulness Part 2

  9. Damn it, dare ‘Karpal Cacat’ insult my constituency MP that my family voted. I live in Air Itam so its under the Bukit Gelugor parliament seat. Hey, kita orang Bukit Gelugor bagi orang kurang upaya (Karpal) mandat 20 ribu lebih tau?

    Eric´s last blog post..Show the world you care, join the Earth Hour

  10. teeming – I have two different computers so I use iMovie, Windows Movie Maker and now, using a trial version of Adobe Premier Pro. AP Pro is not that difficult if you use Photoshop before but it will be completely mind boggling if you haven’t.