Did you hear about the country where they put the PM to sleep with magic charm?

Folks, I think I have collected enough for the meals we are preparing this Saturday. But if you are generous, keep them coming and I will donate it to The Lighthouse which is a soup kitchen in town. The Lighthouse is at Upper Penang Road, where the Sup Hamid is.

Let’s move on with the latest news! Have you heard about the country where they put their PM into sleep with magic charm? No shit, it is true! According to Malaysiakini, they found some kertas jampi under Pak Lah’s desk.

I tell you, the local kong thau (black magic) is more potent than any black magic or voodoo evil charm. You know why? ‘Cos over here, they need to send a bomb squad to detonate it, then, send the paper to the Chemistry Department to analyse it and still, they do not know what’s written on the piece of paper.

Polis menemui dua kertas putih dan sepotong kayu kecil, dipercayai dijampi, yang diselitkan secara misteri di bawah meja Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di bangunan Umno.

Ketua polis daerah Dang Wangi, ACP Zulkarnain Abdul Rahman hari ini dilaporkan mengesahkan penemuan objek tersebut, tetapi beliau enggan memperincikannya.

I hear the song Dead or Alive ‘You spin me around (like a record)’ in my head. I tell you, the nearer the date of the UMNO meeting, the more drama we get to enjoy.

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