In this world, where got free lunch lah, macha?

I will try to be as polite as possible, I will try not to speculate and I will try to keep in mind to be respectful to the deceased.

But… I still need to rant a bit, can? Treat this like a Confession of an ex-secretary and forget about the court case lah.

Last time when I was a secretary, all 21 years old and available, I learned that in this world, there are no free lunches. Some horny old men sometimes purposely called to chat with the secretary. Depending on how important he is to my boss, I will play along. Then, there are those who offered plane tickets to visit their country. Like doh….want my mother to skin me alive meh? Oh I forget to mention, I got a steady boyfriend since I was 18 years old, so I was street smart by 21 years old lah.

Then, there are those vendors who wish to get an appointment with the boss and they will always try to bribe secretaries with posh lunches. Of course, we eat lah. Free foods mah. But only if they are young, handsome and have boyfriend potential lah. (oh I forget to mention, I no longer have steady boyfriend after a few years ‘cos mama’s boy ain’t my type)

So, this case of a married man who provides a condominium, go for holidays, guarantor for car, sponsor brothers’ education and visit each other’s homes and etc just don’t gel lah, macha. You can probably lie to a lot of people but for secretaries like me who are privy to others’ affairs because it is part of our job spec, you need to proof you have E.D. (the kuku that doesn’t work, not even with viagra extreme) baru I can half believe you. Then again, I also know of one guy who really have E.D. and yet, he could keep a mistress. When the mistress found out the reason why he was so ‘gentleman’ and never insist to jump into bed with her, she spilled the beans. We are not sure it is out of sexual frustration or he is not funding her enough. I believe it is the latter.

Girls…yes, all the young girls who read my blogs. The reality of this world hor, is – guys are only after one thing. Well, most of the guys, at least. It is sex.

And to those women who really believe those sob-sob stories from married men about them leaving the wife for you, forget it lah. That man is either very stupid or you are very rich.

Haih….like father like son. Tell lies no blink eyes. Where can people accidentally drink paraquat? Where to buy I also don’t know. Last time, a girl with suicide intention who diluted her paraquat told me it is very, very salty eventhough she mixed it water. (she only told me after she had drank, not before, ok? And she died too because paraquat is very, very toxic, destroying the lungs, air and food passages, gut and spread to all the main organs) Paraquat may looks like coffee, but not taste like coffee.

Ok, rant over. May she gets the justice she deserves and I hope this fella get his share of justice too.

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  1. i ever received USD300.00 from my boss’ businessman (foreigner) friend for preparing correspondence for him. Wah, that time, memang kaya (RM300 xRM3.80)

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