UPDATES : THIS IS A STICKY POST TILL FRIDAY. Please scroll down for new posts. I have received many Paypal donation and also local banks deposits. Am very touched that these come from all over the world, from London to Texas to Medan to all parts of USA and Malaysia. THANK YOU! Sorry if I didn’t reply every email with a thanks. I will attempt to update the names in the comment section below.

Uncles and aunties,

My mommy decides to make use of my cuteness to ask for money. My mommy and my big kor-kor and mommy’s church friends and (hopefully) big kor-kor’s KDU friends are going to prepare meals for about 180 homeless people living on the streets of Penang.


Depending on the budget, hot rice and dishes will be cooked, packed and delivered to these homeless people. Mommy’s assigned date is this Saturday, 21st March 2009. She wants to provide better meals like chicken and eggs so she need to find money to top up. If there are extra money, she will donate it on your behalf to prepare for more meals.

My mommy told me that the uncles and aunties who are homeless usually get their meals from shelter homes, churches and other places on Monday to Friday. However, some uncles told my mommy that on weekends, they usually do not know where their next meal comes from. These uncles are too proud to beg and hence, they pretended to look normal but they have no money, no home and sleep on five foot ways.


Mommy spent some time chatting with a few uncles and she assures everyone that these are old, weak, sickly and sometimes abandoned people who really needs some kindness. There are younger men who are going through very depressing times after getting into drugs and alcohol and they also sleep on the streets. Mommy said no one deserves to live that way, whether young or old. Everyone must have some hot meals for their tummy. Even if it is not regular, but at least a few times.


Mommy was sad to see them, she even wrote to the Chief Minister! My mommy is a crazy woman who thinks she can get the CM to listen to her and built a bed and bunk, public dorm with soup kitchen for these uncles. Some of the poor uncles told mommy that they wish to be ‘caught’ and send to ‘welfare homes’ so that there is security. But some said they will hide when Rela comes because ‘they catch them and send them to Tanjong Rambutan’ and are never heard off again. (that’s why the ADun in charge of welfare phoned mommy but she couldn’t speak because she got no voice)

The end. Thank you, Uncles and Aunties.


Hehehehe, this is call child abuse hor? But a few of you have offered to help so let’s do it. I have set up a PayPal Donate button and set USD2 as the payment. Do not use your credit card to pay because my PayPal account cannot accept credit card. If you want to pay to my local bank account, just mail me at the5xmom at gmail dot com and state you want CIMB, Maybank or UOB, please. I do not want big amount, just RM5-RM10 will do. Reason is because you are giving to me and I have no receipt or any valid account to back me up. I will do the marketing and cooking, with the help of my son and my church friends.

Thanks and sorry for not responding earlier to some of you who offered to contribute. I wasn’t sure about asking money from my blog readers and friends at first. But after the visit to the streets people last week, I guess they deserve our best efforts and not just some second-rate, economy meals.

I am going to propose (subject to the agreement of the other team members, I didn’t ask yet cos too many cooks spoil the broth mah) cooking chicken with potatoes, telor bawang and a mixed vegetable stir-fried with garam masala spices. Yummm…..

(P/S : Momo, you are welcome to drop by CHS around 7.30 pm but not necessary la cos many helpers liao. I didn’t volunteer to deliver the foods because I will be smelling like bawang already by the time they deliver. Only limited number of people are allowed to go because they don’t want to scare off the people.)