I heard about Father Jojo several years ago. A friend, who is not a Catholic told me how cool Father Jojo is. That intriguing statement has been on my mind like 7 years ago. (psst…you don’t relate ‘cool’ with Catholic priests, ok? But they are changing 🙂 THANK GOD!)

Finally, I will probably get to meet Father Jojo because he is coming to town. From what I heard, he is a Sarawakian Sabahan and looks very ethnic as in how we West Malaysians think East Malaysians live on trees, wear a piece of triangle leather hide to cover-up and use blowpipes to catch small animals for their meals. *runs from kaDusMama and all Sarawakians and Sabahans*

My church is organising a forum call Keep Hope Alive on April 2nd.


Thursday, 2 April 2009 • 8 pm

Venue: Dewan Holy Spirit

One of the aspects of the programme for Lent is to BE AWARE of issues affecting our community, our country and the world in general.

The theme for the Forum – KEEP HOPE ALIVE – will be examined from three inter-related angles:-

• Rev. Dr. Joseph (Jojo) M. Fung, SJ will approach the Lenten Theme from the angle of the anthropology of human agency
• Mr. Anil Netto will take the socio-economic and political approach
• Ms Audrey Cheah will deliberate on the role of the family unit in keeping hope alive.

Cathedral of The Holy Spirit
No1. Tingkat Besi Satu, Island Park, 11600 Penang. Tel: 04 658 4909 / 656 6681 Fax: 04 656 4309

For more details, you can download the flyer and poster in pdf format from the church site.

Poster – download here

Flyer – download here

All non-Muslims are welcome. Anyway, it is not a preachy-preachy religious talk so do drop by and hear Father Jojo’s very dynamic talk.

By the way, WEBMASTERS and WordPress junkies, anyone can tell me why the single post gives me a 404 error here on single pages? I am going crazy because I cannot get the WordPress to work. My church website is hosted on Windows and not Linux. (don’t ask me why) No cpanel and I think I want to strangle self with my computer wires already. Also, what is the easiest application to edit my html pages that we used Dreamweaver to build? (i no longer have dreamweaver)