Mak beh jin kia (mother cannot recognise kid)

Mak beh jin kia is a Hokkien saying meaning you have changed so much, even your mother cannot recognise you anymore.

This applies to this mother who cannot remember which kid is which kid. And not only I cannot recognise, I bet no one else can recognise too. Including hubby.

I call my Matthew to come and see this picture :

Picture 3.png
(this photo is an old picture re-take with a digital camera, just in case some people check the exif data)

I should have recorded what he said, “What ah…where ah….I don’t have this shirt, who ah , me meh?”


This is really ang koo in or from the same mould. I think my womb has German precision because I produce every kid with the same face.

Talking about same mould, the other day, I jabbed my #2 son and asked him why lah he so thin till the ribcage bones jutting out. Somemore he has different tastebuds from his brothers. Totally different from them.

And this is what he asked, “Eh, ma, are you sure we are from the same father?”

I tembak, “Chiiiiiii

Picture 2.png
(This is #3 who was born 4.1 kg, normal birth. This photo was taken when he was days old.)

Bye! Hmmm…women can do marvellous things. Just cannot imagine a huge human baby can travel through small tunnels. Really marvellous, we women.

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  1. Good lah, don’t have twin but got twin effect…


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  2. i very recently became a father and was there throughout the entire labour and delivery. marvellous experience. childbirth is truly a miracle in itself. God’s gift and a real blessing

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  3. Salute! Tabik. 4.1kg can pppuuuuttt out through natural delivery. the first photo is #3? Second is #5? They really look alike.

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