Pamcit! in less than 24 hours

I got my car on Tuesday night. The salesman delivered it to my home. So, on Tuesday night, hubby, my little boy and I took it to Sunshine Farlim for a spin. Then, my eldest son took it to meet friends (while I pray fervently at home that my new car doesn’t get any scratches hehehe).

Then, on Wednesday noon, the kids wanted to go to Gurney. The Viva sits all my four kids comfortably eventhough it looks small on the outside. At least the three kids at the back haven’t start killing each other yet. They usually do that when the Persona space is tight and when they are in a bad mood, they will start shoving, pushing and kicking. (ok, not the youngest but the kutub utara and kutub selatan #2 and #3 whose characters are like the north and south pole of a magnet)

We went to Gurney and it was a breeze to drive up the rooftop parking because of the size. Usually, when I drive the Naza Ria, I get claustrophobia because of the narrow passage. We parked at the new wing car park, went to Popular and MPH and makan at Chopper Board and balik.


At night, for some reasons, hubby got home from work and went straight to the car instead of coming up to our apartment. At the same time, I was going out for a meeting (about the cooking this Saturday) and went to the carpark. And guess what? While hubby was standing there admiring the new Viva, he noticed a screw stuck to the tyre. I don’t know how he can see a tiny screw in a black tyre. But he did. It is just small, short screw.

So, I told him I am not going to drive the Viva out even after he pulled out the short screw. He told me, “Don’t worry lah, so short screw, it won’t go into the inner tube one…..take the car lah, save petrol.”

Lucky I didn’t because later on, the air all escape and he had to change the tyre late a night.

Arrggh….manyak suey. Never mind lah, considered the car blessed. Talking about the car being blessed, when I got it from the salesman, I drove it around the neighbourhood and said a short prayer. Maybe I forget to mention tayar pamcit in my prayers. I asked for God’s protection for all those who travel in it, please no kena saman but kena empat nombor ekor 4D instead but I forget to say no punctured tyre. So, God, are you listening? Please include in the insurance, no punctures ya?


Talking about insurance, we insured the car against flood and windscreen damages. The premium for the flood is RM250 per year. And the ADun for Air Putih (that’s the CM lah) if you are reading, no more floods in Taman Lumba Kuda please. Last time my Perdana and Naza Ria kena, never mind. Those are heavy cars. If my Viva kena flood, the Milo tin sure floats from Air Putih to Air Itam. And yes, the Viva’s body is really Milo tin kinda hollow sound lah. We made a complaint to the salesman and he said Perodua HQ has been informed because many said so too. I don’t know why we didn’t hear the ‘hollow’ sound in the showroom. You know…when you close the door, it has the ’empty tin’ closing sound? Otherwise, it is a very good car, very spacious and very easy to drive too.

(if you want to know what flood in my neighbourhood looks like :
Flood at night

Flood during the day

Lagi-lagi pasal flood

CM naik sampan in flood

17 thoughts on “Pamcit! in less than 24 hours

  1. LOL…milo tin, my sentiments exactly.
    My sis-in-law bought this car after CNY. When u close the door, it really feels like closing a door made of MILO tin. Wait…wait till it rains and tell me if you still can hear the radio..

  2. terence – Yakah? I dunno wor. My loukong said no kena inside, just the surface so I thot all tayars got inside and outside mah. I tai-tai where got care about these things lah. Hahaha.

  3. chris – I don’t know why they didn’t put some padding to the boot also. At least put some cardboard to insulate or what mah. Now only the metal. No wonder save petrol cos the car must be very light.

  4. aiyoo.. never ever ever pull out screw that stuck into tyre , the moment u pull it our , air will escape. Instead , drive the car to nearest tyre shop and they will immediately pull it out and fix the tyre.. ( heheheh based on real experience , pull out the screw… ppsssshhhhhh heard the air sound )

    as for the viva door , my wife’s kancil : we put extra metal sheet/bar on each door , recommended by cousin who is car agent . It makes the kancil no so “milo tin”.If you know what i mean . .hehehehe

    AFF´s last blog post..What is next after the RAHMAN end.

  5. Wei got car to drive don’t complain milo tin or not least it still shields u fm rain and heat and being run over by larger vehicles unlike motorcycles 🙂

  6. Mindy – Must be fair, good say good, bad say bad lah.

    AFF – But the extra metal bar may become weapon if kena from wrong angle ler. I don’t mind the safety issue lah, cos mau mati, which ever way also can kena one. Choy…touch wood!

  7. terence – Wait I sms lah. Cos I also forget. Hahaha. Want me to put here, later all my haters go burn my car, how lah? I got more haters than fansees mah.

  8. Ya loh, this car might seem small from outside but they can actually carry some load one. I was also under the same impression when I rented the new Proton Saga(BLM or something) during my stay at Parkroyal Penang(Mon to Wed), it was the most economical one lah and when the rental guy came with the car, I got worried as it might not fit all of us, but when my family managed to sit all in, we were really surprised, and the boot still have lots of space for Ghee Hiang biscuits etc etc…..
    So the car was put to good use, ferrying us all over Penang and also pretty frugal on the fuel(of course I was not heavy footed lah), it serves it’s purpose loh.

  9. toolan – Yahor, I forget to tell you how much taxi costs. They cost a LOT because those bugger simply chop one. No meter here. Good thing you rented a car. The other day I asked for car rental too and it is only RM60-RM70 for a small car per day (but we know them one lah). However, if people not used to Penang traffic, very scary to drive here cos the motorbikes, trishaw, bicycles, rempits, ah bengs and especially ah lians are very daring one. They are the kings of the road. Glad you have a good time.

  10. Ya lor, I didn’t know that taxi in Penang don’t use meter one. So the first day was really stressfull as we use taxi to go all over, so told my wife we need to rent a car otherwise have to cut trip short loh. So, I rented one via the hotel and one good thing about this rental was I can drop the car off at the airport. We already saved a few hundreds on the second and third day, phew!
    But I was actually hoping to “bump” into your favorite CM at the airport one, so can shake hand and take pictures mah! But not in sight lah.

  11. Okay lah Penang drivers, very good what, no problems, very obedient. Maybe, I was driving very badly myself so it blended in nicely, nobody honked or showing “friendly” gesture and everyone follow lane some more. Either that or I am at the wrong side of town, he, he, he.

  12. When I got my new Viva my only prayer was,’God don’t let the number come out in the 4D etc…’. It’s because I don’t buy numbers one but if the number of my new car strike means who will believe if I say I never strike it rich. Maybe kena blackmail too! So I thank God my number did not strike lah!

    A few days ago I ferried seven(7) giggly Form 3 girls in my car. Include driver, 8 in my Viva.Only praying not meet the mata mata. Short distance only but ……….

    So if 6 can sit in my back seat, you take 3 only still got space!

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