Around town in my spicy Viva

My two older sons described the ride in my Viva as ‘riding in a pot of curry’. I have stuffed nose and dead senses so I didn’t smell it. But they keep on complaining, “Aww…mom, I am going to faint.”

It is raining quite heavily here in Penang but if I don’t go get the spices from Little India, it will be too rushed tomorrow. So, I just ignore their agonies, torture and dramas.


After all, how spicy can 3 kg of ginger, 3 kg of garlic, 5 kg of Bombay onions, 3 boxes of potatoes, 1 bunch of mixed spices and 100 grams of garam masala gets, huh? (The costs is less than RM60 only.)


It is their fault they need to go to so many destinations after my shopping at Little India.


We also stopped at Apong Guan for some pancakes.


And kam chiah chooi or sugar cane water. So refreshing…

After that, I dropped the three monkeys at home because they said they cannot endure another 15 minutes in the pot of curry Viva to church.

Got to church and the clerk allows me to drop the stuffs in the parish house kitchen. I hope the cook doesn’t chase me with a cleaver when she see the things I keep there. Intrusion of her territory mah. Hope she doesn’t work on weekends. (she cooks for the three priests only)

Sigh…it is so comforting to see that the things don’t cost much. Only RM60. I told the Indian Muslim taukey to kasi discount. I doubt he did. Tomorrow morning, I will go to Tesco and buy chicken, carrots and cabbage. (rice, oil and gas are provided by well-wishers).

kembang semangkuk

While I was at the Indian spice shop, I found kembang semangkuk and asked the man to give me a few. The above is the kembang semangkuk, dried version and when soaked in water, becomes plump up.

This is another post brought to you by 5xmom, the kembang semangkuk expert. Where she tries to multiply and stretch your contributions to feed more people in future cooking project

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  1. Lilian, just wanna ask whether u received the RM625.00 for the Viva u bought after paying the road tax? Just wanna confirm on that. Thanx!

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