People! Thank you so much for taking time to remit the contribution, thank you for giving and thank you for having faith that I will spend YOUR money appropriately.

The list of the contributors are as below :
(P = paypal, others through local banks)

1) tommy – P
2) amy – P
3) diane – MBB
4) celena
5) RWS
6) kadusmama – P
7) wiehanne – P
8) Andy
9) Bryan – p
10) Khoo – p
11) Winnie
12) Ronald
13) Terence the Ah Long
14) szeyung
15) Yan
16) raymond – p
17) teh – p 2+18usd
18) Marisa -cimb
19) arlene
20) Flik
21) wei – p (20)
22) JT – P
23) Chai
24) Lingzie – P
25) teoh
26) agnes – P
27) grace – p
28) shooi – p2
29)centris – p
30)marilyn – p
31) wei-yann – p
32) Joanne
33) Loke
34) Ko
35) kahoong – p
36) theng – p
37) familyfirst – P
39) pickshan x5 – p
40) sc – UOB
41) Julian
42) Momo
(if you think I missed a name here, do let me know)

Total : USD104 plus 408

I am going to Little India to get some of the food ingredients, to Tesco for the fresh vegetables and to Tesco again tomorrow for the chicken.

By my estimation, I need only RM300. For the balance money, I will check if we are cooking again anytime soon. Otherwise, I will donate the money to Lighthouse which is a soup kitchen in Upper Penang Road (near SOHO) for them to prepare the meals. They provide tea and dinner to the aged and homeless every day except weekends. Maybe I will check Lighthouse schedule and personally do another cook out if there is a slot available. Lighthouse has a long waiting list (for those who wants to cook) because many voluntary bodies and various religious bodies chipped in to help every day.

I will try to keep you guys updated with some photos but that will depends. I don’t want people to accuse me of doing it for the publicity stunt. It is not easy to buy tens of kilograms of vegetables and chicken and shopping for all the various spices, ok? Thank God, Erina is going to give me 210 eggs, delivery included. Or else, fuyoh, how to fit 210 eggs in a tiny Viva lah?

So, ta ta! I am off to Little India to buy garam masala and spices. And just in case people wonders..Yes, I still have very little voice and it goes off if I talk too long. So, don’t call me ok, I will call you.