“Jual nasi ayamkah?”

“Lu chor seng li ah?” (you doing business?)

“Beh keng che pooi?” (selling economy rice?”)


I ‘femes’ brogger wokay? I no sell chicken rice one, wokay? I ‘femes’ you knowwwww…..Brogger you knowww……Brogger tai sai nowadays? (tai sai – patronising the news all the time) Broggers made it to the headlines of newspapers every day, you know? Like ‘Blogger charged, blogger insulted etc, blogger sued, blogger detained….’


The above are what I bought from Tesco. The shopping cart so heavy until want to push also hard. But it costs only RM196 and a few cents only.


Chicken without head and without feet (that’s what the WCWOHWF means) only costs RM6.19 per kg. I bought 15 chicken, chopped into 14 pieces. I got them cleaned and stuffed into my fridge now.


These are the 15 chicken running around at the back of Viva.

And here’s the ‘femes’ brogger turned economy rice auntie.


Looks like I really get things done below RM300.