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Let’s learn English

The opposites ;

Tall – short

Slim – fat

Lanky – stubby

Beautiful – plastic-ky, fake

And yes, this is related.

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16 Responses to “Let’s learn English”

  1. After reading your second post, I baru paham. hahaha… yes.. it is definitely related.

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  2. Ugly – Uglier

    Yup, I failed my Engrish.

  3. whooa smart way to play fire oops english.

  4. I was wondering what was it all about until I read no name’s comment.
    You memang “pan-nai” lah!

  5. Waiting on the people – being waited upon.

  6. First Lady – First Lady????

  7. Got somemore :

    good taste, good style of dressing – bad taste, over adorned, looks cheaper than aunties at markets

  8. One more one more : hardworking – lazy 🙂

  9. You are all very quick. I like!

  10. Like – Hate?

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  11. preserver – destroyer??

  12. asset – liability
    portrait – landscape
    I think the photographer will get whacked for exposing the actual contour of “landscape”.

  13. domino – Wah…the pearls and watch and gold and jade and purple tiger hide all clashed hor?

  14. Somemore, landscape seriously need a landscape stylist lah. Abuden, end up we are the ones paying for the service pulak.

  15. Lau foo zhi – tar fun soo


    I can’t help laughing continuously. I’ll be laughing to Mass tonight!!


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