Photos of cooking project

I am so thrilled to see the photos taken by Cat. Cat sent me these photos last night and I cannot wait to share a few with all of you.


A mount of onions. Initially, I was cutting it but one of my blog reader, Pauline came by and offered to help. Phew….thank you, Pauline!


Below are Anne Marie, Audrey and Rose having ‘fun’ cutting potatoes. The dear ladies even counted the number of potatoes so that we have two pieces for everyone. That’s 400 pieces of potatoes!


Then, these are brothers, Sui Hoong and Sui Thong (the purple shirt is the younger brother) in charge of breaking the two hundred and ten eggs. Supervised by Matthew.


This is to give you an idea what makeshift kitchen is. We just put together a few stoves and we get down to cooking. In the foreground is Bala who handles the rice, cooked to perfection eventhough this is the first time all of us have used a huge, gas operated rice cooker.


This wok is so big, even a small kid can be cooked inside. LOL. For the chicken, we have to cook in two batches.


This one only acting to cook. It’s like “camera ready, action” kind of cooking. It is not easy to stir the wok of chicken because it is very, very heavy. Lucky we have four muscled chef-wannabes to help.


The ladies here packed the foods for distribution. They set up a production line, complete with system so that every packet of meal get the same amount of dishes. Bless them for their even distribution.


And don’t you wish you get a packet of the meal too?


Another group went out in two vans to distribute the foods. They had to go out late at night, around 11-12 midnight because the people who sleep on the street only shows up at their regular sleeping place at that hours, when the shopping malls and hawker centres are closed. The man, with his hand to his chest is Vincent Lim who is the welfare officer in POHD. The street people know him well and Vincent personally knows most of them, their problems, illness and their names. God bless Vincent for his selfless work. BTW, Vincent is my children’s godfather and also the witness at my civil marriage.


And here, they seem to say thank you after getting the meals. We have to put aside our prejudices, our questions why they are there and why they didn’t do something about it. Each of them have their own reasons and none of them want to become this way. Circumstances, life trials, mistakes in the past, a streak of freedom in them and many other things are the cause why they have no home.


Right now, there are many charitable organisations and religious bodies who have volunteers to co-ordinate their meals. They spread out the tasks of providing them meals and a place to bathe. If you are from Penang and wish to find out how you can help, do approach some of these religious bodies and charitable organisations. Some I know Hare Krishna near Waterfall Gardens, Lighthouse in Upper Penang Road, Rumah Kawan in Love Lane, the Methodist and Baptist churches and Sai Baba followers.

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  1. hey, did u pay 4 the gas/stoves wt the money fr donation? the Chinese temple near my mum’s place regrettably do this only on the ‘big day’ n some uncles/aunties travel afar all the wy fr ipoh also came for the give-outs. how they mad etheir way there still remains a mystery (forgot to ask)

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  2. JT – The big stove donated by someone. The smaller ones is mine which I brought from home. The rice cooker is bought by the church. The gas tanks paid from our church’s kitchen. Wuah, tiu, you auditing or what lah.

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