It is a pity that some parents do not introduce Enid Blyton’s stories to their kids anymore. They are now in all those educational stuffs and focused too much on IQ, EQ and all the blehs of modern times.

Many wants their children to read encyclopedias and stuffs like that to make their kids brighter and smarter, thus robbing off the magical world of childhood. Gone were the pixies, fairies, gnomes, goblins and wholesome children’s stories.


Worse still, some parents went as far as forcing workbooks and school related books on their children, leaving the kids very little time to get totally enchanted with the wishing table, the magical faraway tree and other silly stories.

Enid Blyton lived in the good old world of the 40s, 50s and 60s (born 1897- 1968) where children were well-mannered and they do fun stuffs like having picnics, solving mysteries and running away from homes to beautiful islands. I have read and re-read stories like The Enchanted Woods, Secret Island and Cherry Tree Farm and still do not mind reading again when my children read them.

The beautiful thing with having so many kids is they go through the Enid Blyton’s phase and each round, I will join the kid to be 10 years old again.


I recalled borrowing Enid Blyton’s book from my school library and secretly read them under the blanket with a torchlight. Usually, I finished one book within a day. In order to grab new books, I asked the teacher in charge of the library to let me be his assistant. So, while indexing the new books, I borrowed them home.

Now my kids are much luckier. I can afford to buy a whole series if they want to. My sister-in-law also gave me some old books. We have a lot of books at home, one lying around at every corner and nook. This way, the kids naturally love to read.

So, parents, are you introducing Enid Blyton’s stories to your kids? And how many of you adults are still captured by The Secret Seven, The Famous Five, Amelia Jane, The Mistletoe Farm, St. Clare, Malory Towers and etc? There were no emo kids, no self-mutilation kids, no suicidal kids, no teenage sex, no alcohol abusing kids, no eating disorder kids, no drug abusing kids in Enid Blyton’s world. I can almost break into a song after reading Enid Blyton. Oh what a wonderful world.