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..and I got tempted by the devil

Ok, change subject.

So, as you know, I had a very bad cough and infection for several weeks. In my last video, the voice you heard is actually my flu-voice which is very low. I normally have very shrill voice that I hate, hate, hate.

The next day after that video, I totally, totally lost my voice and it lasted for a week. Normally, I don’t get sickly like this, with thick green phlegm, very very bad cough and chest infection which makes me hard to sleep. I had to sleep on my chest in the morning or I cannot breath.

*actually I am just finding excuses, so say my sons*

Then, I have this leg cramp that occur when I was sleeping. If you were pregnant before, you will know what leg cramps during sleep means. Total agony and you will wake up screaming with pain. Panic. And you need to slowly pull your feet backwards to get over the cramp.

*another excuse*

In consideration of my poor health, I hereby conclude that I need to intervene and take control of my food intake. After due investigation, I discovered that I probably am not eating enough protein. And in Chinese yin-yang study of food intake, I am taking too much cooling foods like vegetables.

So…..with a very heavy heart, I broke my vegetarian fast and went back to eating chicken and fish and pork. And suddenly, I woke up one morning and realised that I am ok already.

In fact, last night, I didn’t even cough anymore. There is no super itchy, scratch throat that makes me cough.


However, I had a very weird dream last night. I dreamt I met a priest name Father Jude. It was a very sacred church setting and I was supposed to deliver a stack of documents for this Father Jude. I have never met any Father Jude before. Then, when I was about to pass the documents to him, he suddenly appeared as Father Paulino (that priest who got hauled up by police during one of the ISA vigil?) I also never meet Father Paulino before but had seen his photo. My dream was in technicolor because the priest was wearing a shiny gold robe with red vest (or whatever you call that bib they wear during feast days).

Priest Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: A priest may represent traditional religion with its spiritual rules and regulations. Are you making moral judgements? Alternatively, he could represent your own spiritual wisdom.

Mystical Meaning: Any dream concerning a priest is deemed good by superstitious people. In particular it means the end of a quarrel.

(taken from

So, why do I dream of priests I have never met before and what do they represent? The internet dream interpretations said the above. But I like to think that it means I am disturbed by the clampdown on freedom of speech, the tear gas incident in Sungai Petani and I somehow relate Father Paulino’s situation with reality. I am asking about the ‘what if’ and wondering if I can get into a situation like Father Paulino. (an innocent by-stander who got hauled up)

But I really don’t know who is Father Jude and if there is really a Father Jude in the local clergy?

7 Responses to “..and I got tempted by the devil”

  1. Hmmm.. Have you tried looking up the Catholic Directory, but I think those list the parish and assistant priests? 🙂

    Anyway, sounds like a peaceful and pleasant dream?

    Angie Tan´s last blog post..Sure Delicious Pasta @ Sure Pizza

  2. angie – Wuah, scary lor. There is really a Father Jude and he is also a Miranda. But phew…he is not related to Father Paulino Miranda (I think cos one is Indian and one is Eurasian). Same family name! What a coincident.

  3. Could that Father Jude in your dream be St.Jude, the patron saint of desperate cases-the last hope for hopeless cases?

    9pek9bo´s last blog post..Going Loco with the Lingo?

  4. yup Fr Jude Miranda is from the penang diocese clergy. His Hometown is Kuala Kangsar currently he is in perlis administering 3 churches(or less if im not mistaken), chancelor of PG diocese, he lectures on liturgy(did his studies in STL in rome).

  5. From your description of dream, I think I can strongly believe in your beliefs and character. Dream like these does not appear to anyone at anytime – my own opinion. So go ahead and keep reporting and writing what you believe.

    Agnes Tan´s last blog post..My Favourite Museums

  6. Very scary… couldn’t believe it if not from you…

    I have bad cough too… how nice if can just cure like yours….

    Vote me if u hv time ya… who knows u might win some cash since u r so lucky now…

  7. yingying – Kena register one, so I lazy lah. After that they spam me with emails pulak. But good luck to you.