Wind of change (what change?)

Last night, I was very disgusted to read that tear gas and water canon were shot at women and children who went to the ceramah by DSAI in Sungai Petani. My coursemates and I have been talking about going there to film the scenes from Bukit Selambau. In fact, three of the guys have gone there and they had helped to make a video which is available on Malaysiakini. I hope to join them when time permits.

To me, it is just another by-election where people get excited over who to vote. People enjoy listening to ceramahs and then, getting home and just live another day. Whoever wins, it really makes no difference to people like us, isn’t it? But apparently, the ‘force up there’ see otherwise. They have lost their human side in their quest to maintain their power, greed, domination and total control.

There are verses in the song Wind of Change (which is about the fall of the USSR) which say…

An August summer night
Soldiers passing by
Listening to the wind of change

The world is closing in
Did you ever think
That we could be so close, like brothers
The future’s in the air
I can feel it everywhere
Blowing with the wind of change

Take me to the magic of the moment
On a glory night
Where the children of tomorrow dream away
in the wind of change

and sadly, I realise, even when we are one country, sometimes one race, the crazy power up there had lost it. They no longer see people of the same skin, same faith, same nationality as their brothers anymore. They have no qualms about hurting and injuring them anymore. They are worst than the mafia.

Read Anil and Dr. Xavier’s blog to believe what they did at Sungai Petani last night :

2342: Just off the line with Selangor state exco member Xavier Jayakumar. He told me that the speakers on stage in Sungai Petani tonight did not hear any police warnings to disperse.
Police fired water cannon and tear gas into the crowd, including women and children, as they moved in.
Children coming out of a neaby tuition centre were also doused by the spray from the water cannon; so were patrons in a nearby Chinese restaurant, according to Xavier.

Even the usual small itinerant traders selling Pakatan memorabilia were not spared the action. Police could be heard warning of even more aggressive action as they chased the people away. “The police action was aggressive,” observed Xavier.

I wish I was there last night as a citizen journalist to bring this ugly sight to the rest of the nation.

The scary thing is, this wind of change (but not a good change) is coming to us and we are all going to be the powerless, voiceless, helpless citizens who have to kow-tow to them. Of course, the other choice is to brave it out and keep hoping and having faith.

7 thoughts on “Wind of change (what change?)

  1. Once he is power, I foresee another hard handed PM like our 4th PM, so one have to just keep under the radar and wait till next GE(another 3 years) and then wipe them all out of power. Dig in and wait it out sisters and brothers.

  2. $#@@$%$#%%&^*&(*)&*((*(*()_)+(*&*%^WQ#Q! to Najis & Company! Cannot tahan from writing profanities, sorry.

  3. what i am worried is he will misuse his power to use even dirtier tactic to make sure he wins the incoming GE and stay in power…so what can we, the citizen do about it?

  4. szemin – Actually, I get rumours (not written but verbal ones) that Penang will be the next one to go down like Perak. Now, the media close to them are singing, “this resign, that resign” so gaily. So, what to do? Can only ask the Big Boss up there to do something lor.

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