Earth Hour. Have you seen me hyping over it? No? Exactly.

I personally feel that it is nothing more than a super sensational issue and almost everyone wants to be part of this cool thing because someone else is doing it.

WWF is fantastic with the marketing of this Earth Hour thingie. Yet, I wonder how on earth an hour without lights will make this world a better place? I am still going to hide in my aircond room, drink a cold drink from the fridge, using the PC and other things that need electricity. And I will also fart and release nitrogen into the air, causing global warming as well.

Well, I wouldn’t want to talk about it initially. But I just flipped through the papers and notice how ignorant WWF along with the Penang State Government are. Especially that Mr. Danny slouching on his chair Law.

A total of 140 children from the preschool of Dalat International and Twinkle Tots Nursery Centre released hundreds of balloons with the colours of the Penang flag.

Rapid Penang together with the Tropical Spice Garden management are also actively participating in the campaign.

“It is crucial that the public come together to take action against climate change and the campaign provides a great platform to do just that,’’ said Rapid Penang creative corporate communications manager Yap Lee Ying in a press statement.

(The Star, Metro North)

Note here – 140 or even more helium balloons released to launch Earth Hour. WTF, don’t they know that they are creating pollution, possibly causing some poor fishes, ignorant turtles, hungry animals to eat those rubber? If they are not related to WWF, I probably will not be bothered to talk about it. But here we are, talking about saving the earth and yet, these fellas here are clueless about what’s good and what’s bad for the environment.

Someone in Singapore also blogged about the balloons released in Singapore to launch Earth Hour.

Can someone tell me why is there a need to release 60 balloons into the air to “signify” the launch of earth hour in Singapore? Yes, I understand that these are biodegradable balloons. But do you know how long it takes to bio-degrade? 1 week? 1 month? 6 month? And while it is bio-degrading, it is considered a pollution? What if the balloon end up in the sea and some marine life mistook it as their prey and eat it? There are known case where infant sperm whales and marine turtles died as a result of swallowing balloons. Some of them are near extinction. It doesn’t matter if the balloons are biodegradable or not. The damages are the same.

I am too lazy to dig out the articles on how releasing balloons is bad for the environment so you can slowly go through some of the links on Google.

I know about this many years ago because during one discussion on a forum for bereaved moms, one mom wanted to release some balloons in memory of her deceased child and a few other moms went berserk talking about the environment. Anyway, I ignore them and still did it. With just four balloons on my son’s death anniversary.

But, it is no excuse for WWF and the so-called ‘champion of the environment’ to not know that releasing 140 balloons is a stupid idea if they want to talk about saving the earth.

Doh…one hour without lights? What’s the big deal?