Shitting bricks in Komtar carpark

I have never park my car in oldest car park in Komtar because I never go there. So, one fine afternoon, I was ask to go there so I obediently drive there. Half-way, I went, “Alamak, mana mau park?” So, I phoned my hubby on the speaker phone and he told me, “Go to Maybank there, the underpass.”

Die lah…then, I realised that’s the scariest car park ever. He had brought me there a couple of times and I know the place is dark, smelly, wet, blackened and with low roof. I have claustrophobia of car parks like these. It is something like Sungai Wang car park, only much smaller, darker, smellier, dirtier. You expect some mugger or snatch thief to jump out from nowhere, badger you, grab your handbag and drove off your car.


I went in and thank God I drive a tiny, little, itsy-bitsy Viva. I tell you….if I drive the Naza Ria, I sure get stuck. There are sooooo many bikes everywhere and the lane is sooooooo narrow. The lights are dim but I feel a bit secure ‘cos there are uniformed guards around.

Being a lousy parker, I couldn’t go into the first empty spot I found. So, I drove further and keep praying, “Oh God…..get me an easy to park lubang…Oh God….find a space for me…Oh God….please….” I tell you, if God keeps track of my prayer requests in this lifetime, God will find 50% of them are ‘Oh God, find me a parking’. Sometimes, if my little boy is with me, I will order him, “Matthew, faster pray for a parking lot or else you won’t get to stop and buy your toy/book/cake/etc.” That will surely get him to put his palms together and say, “Lord Jesus, give mommy a big big parking.” Eheh, this is call planting faith. ‘Cos usually we do find a prime parking and the boy may think, “Yeah, Jesus heard my prayers.”

The thing with my Viva is, it has no reverse sensor. My two other cars do so I usually forget that the Viva silence is not indicating there is still space. But I have never reverse into anything yet. *touch wood*

Shitting bricks, I tell you. The exterior of Komtar indeed has been upgraded and the place is bright and cheerful now. But that car park, it is still very much Lim Chong Eu and Koh Tsu Koon era.

Oh ya, then there is the elevator. Yesterday I blindly stepped into one and the attendant mumbled something. So, I told him, “Tingkat 3” (I was on 53rd floor). He mumbled again and point the big sign to me. Tiu, it says ‘VIP only’. So, I kena step out again. Ish, saya #1 fan of the CM, tak kira VIP kah? (btw he on 28 floor)

(I learned shitting bricks from Martin Jalleh who in turn learn from his son. It means “To become extremely worried or frightened.”)

8 thoughts on “Shitting bricks in Komtar carpark

  1. Jimmy – Two bucks ler. I think I was there less than an hour. You all owe me 50 cents each. Travelling expenses, I kasi petrol free lah. LOL.

  2. lingzie – LOL, the very first KFC in Penang is still there, same place. But it is not as chialat as previous years lah. At least with the PR gov. they didn’t move to Seri Bayan (or something) that the BN gov. wanted to do. Otherwise, Komtar lagi mati. The other car park is brighter already, the one going to last time super komtar.

  3. Hi Lilian,

    You wanna know our prayer…Hail Mary full of grace,please find us a parking space.haha

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