Yesterday, I dissed Danny Law’s attempt to ‘save the world’ by releasing balloons to launch Earth Hour. Read the comments from those who are against this silly method of launching hundreds of balloons into the air, which will eventually fall back on earth, causing pollution.

Today, I am going to need to pick on Danny slouching on the chair Law again. I super beh tahan politicians who took one day out of their life to show they are all kind, caring and all that bullshits.


This reminds me of Teng Hock Nan who took a bus with his entourage of reporters long time ago before DAP buried them six feet under. Now, sadly, we have the same mentality politicians.

What’s the big deal, man? You think very great ah, you taking the bus? Go ask yourself why you need to walk from Green Lane to Lam Wah Ee there to take a bus? Because our stupid bus routes that does not serve the Green Lane area well. It has been like these for decades already. Everytime I go somewhere, as a 10 years old girl, I need to change bus at MTC (the teachers’ college) because the Penang Yellow Bus ancient system was like that). Now, also the same. Somemore wanna brag?

danny law

Then, if you read carefully, at the bottom line of the left column, got reporters no life also follow Danny Law take the bus. Ptooi! So free hor, go and investigate how lousy our bus services are lah. Go smell Danny Law’s pang phooi for what lah. Go feature all those old uncles and aunties struggling to get on the bus here. Go show the nation what bloodsuckers are those taxis. Find out why so many poor parents are still ferrying two and even three of their children on motorbikes. That one is call serving the society. This one is call ‘kow tuoi phooi’ (dog follow farts) which serves no purpose except to glorify one person.

Next time hor, politicians from DAP, PKR and whatever, don’t lah be so attention seeking. You will end up like those Gerakan and BN bunch of politicians only.