Eh, whatever happened to our Home Sinister? He didn’t get nominated to the Spring Council of Armno ah? How come I don’t see him on the 20 prestigious Spring Council one? But hari-hari on the newspapers, his supporters wear his mask. Like doh…haven’t we have enough of the butt head? How come that Dung qualified one?

And then, after so many Armno AGMs, this is the first time I waited for their results. I was excited not because who wins. But who lost.

Like Kak Pidah kena balik kampung tanam jagung. AP queen kah, tak AP queen kah, dah bungkus. And then, the drama of her hugging Tun M last time still etched on my mind.

Talking about Tun M, I wonder how he feels? First he said he is going to attend but after his anak lost, he disappeared.

And Pak Lah, Pak Lah called for more freedom for people to express their dissatisfaction. I read between the lines and I think we are in for another round of ‘let’s kutuk the ex-PM’ mudslinging like how they did to Tun M. But Pak Lah’s is of course, not asking us to kutuk him but the future one. Bad of me to read between lines lah, I know.

And when son-in-law won, I was happy because it will cause internal bickerings and that means, we get more show to see.

Yesterday night, I was waiting anxiously to see that Mike Tyson didn’t get to become the Deputy. And thank God, he didn’t. Or else we will have to endure his crapping of how magnimous he is, helping kampung people. And we have to live with his ‘if you don’t support Armno, the Chinese and the Indian are going to rob away all your wealth’.

So yeah, happy that the losers lose. But some of the ministers who are not bad lost their seats.