I don’t know about others but I am not turning off the lights.

I am not turning off the lights not because I want to be anti-Earth Hour. But this poor woman just got home at 8.10 pm, after leaving the house around 1pm. And due to the heavy rain, she can’t take her children out for dinner. And not only due to the rain, she has no money as well. With only twenty bucks, how to feed four persons? (not because I am poor lah, it’s because I forget to fill up money in my wallet when I went out)

So, Earth Hour or not, I am leaving my house lights on because I need to :

1) Bath
2) Change
3) Find some things to cook for dinner
4) Eat already, must pangsai

Pangsai in the dark seems too geli. I also need to boil a pot of hot water to make coffee. Drinking coffee in the dark is very dangerous. What happens if a cicak dropped inside the cup?


My original plan was to bring my children somewhere bright to see how many people actually do this Earth Hour mob. I had wanted to bring them to a mall or something. But then, I wonder how safe it is to be in a public place in the dark. What if I get grope by some dirty old man? Can I sue Danny Law for coming up with this idea? You may say, “Only blind man will grope a 45 yrs old woman like you!” But true mah, if no lights, so dark, it is like blind mah.


So, okay folks, I am just crapping this post to mark Earth Hour. I am going to take my bath in the bright lights so that I can see my own face. That way I won’t use the floor detergent to shampoo my hair and the toilet cleaner to brush my teeth.

Go enjoy your Earth Hour. And don’t forget to grope someone in the dark.


My boys switched off all the lights, including my bathroom light while I was inside bathing. I fried rice for them for dinner.


It was so hard to eat in the dark. The food seems to taste not as nice as when you can see what you are putting into your mouth. Reminds me of the times when NEB (former name for TNB) used to have power failures in the kampongs when I was small.)


Let there be light, and there is light.