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To those whom have contributed to the meals for the homeless, there is an article in The Star Metro North about the food distribution.

I have also counted the dollars and cents and come up with a rounded figure. I have RM508 balance in my hands. I do not know what I will use YOUR money for yet. There are many ways I can make sure the money goes where they are intended and that includes buying necessities and handed out to the folks who need them. My coursemates and I are thinking of making more documentaries (with the proper permissions, of course) to highlight the plight of these people so that more people can come forward and donate to their choice of charitable organisations which will benefit the poor. So, let me sit on these ideas first.

Jimmy made a short clip about our homeless video. You gotta watch it. At one point, I whacked Jimmy and told him I don’t know to laugh or cry. I find it so funny and yet, so touching that Jimmy put that much emphasis on LGE. I hope Jimmy managed to get the clip to the CM and let him see. We wanted to hijack the projector and show this clip yesterday but we were afraid of getting banned like NST reporters. LOL. So, brother, you are their only hope.

6 thoughts on “Just a short note

  1. Lilian, me and Lawrence trust you. We support you. If you do another round of this activity just tell me. I will provide you the egg,chicken or anything that you might require. Like I say, I will deliver until your cooking kicthen. Horn, horn, horn. Pin, pin, pin. Tepi sikit, telur mali liau. 🙂

  2. You and the gang are doing a very good job, I must applaud(standing ovation some more). God bless you guys and I hope this will have an snowball effect and more can be done.
    Malaysian Boleh!

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