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Send Ah Kong go die in Batu Pahat (LOL)

You can laugh over it. But sadly, it is the truth.

7 Responses to “Send Ah Kong go die in Batu Pahat (LOL)”

  1. Ish too bad.

  2. ………

  3. Laff lah tiu

  4. Then Ah Mah how? LoL…

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  5. My name also got infolink(ed). LOL

  6. terence – for gigolo service kah?

    bryan – Maybe Ah Mah kicked bucket earlier liao mah

  7. very creative song .. hahaha .. was really laughing along the way. i think those homes in JB have to hike up their price. Otherwise, eventually JB will become an old folks state (not just home)

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