12 thoughts on “Happy April’s Fool

  1. hahahaa.. they are so cute… do they study Chinese at school? Or just learning at home?

  2. dani – The kindie taught my youngest but all my older children don’t attend the Bahasa Ibunda classes. My husband lah, refused to let them study Mandarin.

    Flik – They won’t read one. Just because it is on video, only pretend a bit.

  3. This is really funny…. you and your kids are just having fun making fun of the words! ­čÖé
    Maybe you should enroll for Chinese classes with your kids.. learn together and laugh more together… really so funnylah the video..

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  4. Bryan – I must polish all my languages mah. Later if Penang got buy-election, I can become the candidate who can speaks many languages, very good selling point wei. You don’t worry, I sure give you big-big contract one. LOL

  5. You are really a very different mum. Your sons are really lucky to have you as their mum. Imagine my mum has kids like yours, I am sure she will ‘ki sial’ by now. hahaha… especially the last word I hear from your #3.

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  6. jasmine – My hubby ah? I also don’t understand him lah. He betul-betul anti-Mandarin, refused to let my sons attend the Bahasa Ibunda. He can’t stand Mandarin dramas, MCA, promoters speaking Mandarin to him, events that speak Mandarin, politicians that ceramah in Mandarin, hawkers that write on Mandarin in their menu….LOL, lots of things lah. Da ma de, I also pening!

    choonie – Better they misbehave in front of me than to be angels and devils outside. I see a lot of those kids.

  7. lilian, hahahhaa hard to live nowadays without knowing this language lah…ask him reconsider ­čśŤ but i think you’re pretty good dy…can teach at home ­čśŤ

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