I have done this video and uploaded it on Youtube for several days already. Initially, I was reluctant to do it but after sitting over it for many days, I think it is one of those thing which we can learn a lot.

Please note that the person gives permission for the interview and I could see the tears on his eyes at times when he was relating to me why he is alone now. I hope you can understand Hokkien and get the full meaning of our conversation. Otherwise, there is subtitle.

This conversation took place when our interview on the homeless ended. That’s why I didn’t use the mike to catch my questions. Because it wasn’t a question and answer session but just a little hope that I tried to give him. I didn’t know if he has a faith to turn to but I was blabbering to him to pray to whatever ‘angkong’ (gods) that he believes in. That’s why when he raised his hands and said he ki-tor every night, which means the Christian way of praying, my heart was broken to pieces. (not that I favour Christians but I didn’t expect him to still have a faith after all the things he is going through)

Here is a man whom had regretted his past. Despite his hardships, he is thankful for his good health. He dare not hope anymore to be reunited with his family. Yet, he keeps praying. How many of us have that faith and strength to face a life living on the streets, shunned by his friends and embarrassed by his situation?

I have pixelate the video but at the end, his face is quite clear. Never mind. Who knows, with a twist of fate, his sons and wife may someday found out on Youtube that the man is hoping and will keep hoping.

So, remember that those vagrants, beggars, dirty and lazy fellas, drug addicts, drunkards, smelly old men, lazy bums and many more are someone’s father, brother, uncle, friend and etc whom probably had done wrong but they deserve a second chance.