The day three noobies citizen journalists “grilled” the Penang State Government

This is the video we shot at the press conference with the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng during the declaration that Penang is free of hardcore poverty.

LOL, I like the “Here comes the CJ Chan Lilian”. It sounds like The Terminator likedat.

The video is shot by Lim Boo Seng and the questions were from Jimmy Leow and *ahem* CJ Chan Lilian.

As the first timer who attended a press conference by the CM, I must say that the CM has been very accommodating to us citizen journalists who are independents without any affiliations to media companies. He listened and took time to answers both Jimmy and my questions with details and information that we were seeking.

10 thoughts on “The day three noobies citizen journalists “grilled” the Penang State Government

  1. Kudos. I know about Citizens Arrests but Citizens Journalism is new to me. I know you have been taking classes. Is the terminology widely used? What does it mean?

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  2. Julian – Who ah? Me? Wuah…am I supposed to be flattered to have a ‘young’ voice? Or what? Just last night, on Bkt Selambau, one of the MP at the ceramah later told me, “Saya tengok datang dengan video recording sekali, ingat Special Branch.” Wuah, he thinks I look like a SB!

    rizlan – You can find some explanations on who are the citizen journalists on my CJ blog here. In a gist, we are not ruled by money, media bosses, political leanings and we are independent individuals who play the role of editor, video cameraman, journalist and everything under the sun. We were trained by Malaysiakini-ICFJ (which is an international body) and we are extra kepoh, that’s all. Hahaha.

  3. David – Boh pien, that’s the only way I can get the homeless issue to him. Must thick skin a bit lor. But lucky he is aware of our CJ intentions there and didn’t throw us out like NST reporters kena. LOL.

  4. Congrats Lilian. Now got license to official stalk CM liau. Next you can start having coffee with him, become buddy buddy and invite him over for dinner at your home.

  5. Paul – Kenot, I want to be independent candidate in the next election LOLOLOL and open tender see who wants to buy-election with me. Cannot lean to only one party lah. Likedis, tender jatuh harga. But no lah, I am not stalking the CM. I already gave him a list of questions we wanted to ask him but due to the by-elections, he not free to layan us, so we gate crashed lor. We are making the homeless video part 2 and that opening sentences CM said about ‘we are with you’ will give it some balance to the video.

  6. Finally, it’s good to put a voice to your name and so that’s how you sound like……sure no digital mixing or what have you ah? Then you sure sound very young leh! Not that you are very old now lah……
    I was expecting some “see nai” or “tai tai” type of vocals, maybe a little stereo type loh.

  7. Oh no no no. Not insulting nor am I hitting on anybody. Was surprised after YB Lim’s speech when the first question came. Looking at the post again it’s Jimmy and CJ Lillian so like that lor.


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